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Getting rid of toxic relationships when in love


Getting rid of toxic relationship

Getting rid of Toxic relationships should be included as one of your new year resolution.

What is a Toxic relationship? Just as the name implies, it is an Unhealthy type of relationship which rather than become a benefit to you poses as a threat to your emotion and future. It is that type of relationship which gives you the reason to lament and sob often.

Unfortunately, so many folks are so engulfed by their emotions and sentiments that they rarely recognize they are in a toxic relationship. They can feel the torture, pains, restlessness, heart ache and Emotional manipulation. Yet they are so skeptical to take a walk.

Breaking up with their ex seems as one of the difficult task ever . Convincing such kind of people is synonymous to having a camel go through an eyes of needle. As No amount of conviction gets   them to change their mind .  they always remain adamant thereafter. Except they’ve made a personal  decision to take a walk.

However,  getting rid of toxic relationship is very necessary especially if you are aiming at leading a healthy life style and having a bright future. All these can be interrupted by a toxic relationship. I have seen some folks who grew so lean despite their earnings and good living environment as a result of excessive worries emerging from their abusive  relationships. They have everything required to be happy in life but they ain’t. I have equally seen some others who got fired  from their place of work because they couldn’t concentrate.

The thought of how bad their relationship is, had  suddenly engulfed their mind to the point of loosing concentration at their work place. Which led to their outright failure. Some others had  lost passion to pursue their  dreams because their mind was not settled to do so. The worst scenario being those who rejected their rightful potential life partner in the bid to save a relationship which had already failed or at the verge of failing.. All these are the reasons why getting rid of a toxic relationship should be included in our

To do list especially as the year just began. You really don’t want to loose yourself and dreams trying to secure someone who you might end up loosing thereafter. The worse feeling is loosing yourself while trying to secure something which ain’t reliable at the end. Before we explain some ways by which we can possibly get rid of toxic relationship, let’s look at some reasons why we often find it  difficult to detach ourselves from toxic relationships.


Getting rid of toxic relationships?why is to such a big deal and how can you deal with it?

The feelings that you won’t find anyone like your ex

This is one of the common reason why getting rid of  toxic relationship has proven to be one of the biggest task ever. The spark, infatuation and emotional feelings we feel at the intimate stage of the relationship makes it difficult for us to face the reality.  and realize the fact that our partner ain’t the right one for us.

We rarely admit the fact that the relationship is unhealthy for us, even when the signs are obvious.that feelings makes us to see only the positive sides of our partner, even when their negative sides seems to  outweigh their  positive sides. It makes you assume that you may never meet someone like your partner. Until you realize that your partner have their flaws too, Until you realize that the only solution that can liberate you from that assumption is by  walking away, you might remain stuck in such relationship for long.

Being scared of single hood and starting all over again.

So many people have had their entire life so tied to their relationship in such that when it suddenly became over, they find it difficult to move on or remain single for a while  . And that’s why they often jump into a rebound relationship which ends up hurting them thereafter.

The fear of remaining single is also the reason why most people have refused to take a walk from a toxic relationship even  when their life is at stake. The best way to get over this thought is to realize your self worth and become self confident in yourself. Understand the fact no one has the right to your happiness except you, and no one has the right to treat you wrong without your consent .

The fear of rejection.

This is the common fear that has get us stuck in life. That fear that you’ve been rejected by someone, hence no other person finds you worthy of their love. And so you rather remain stuck in an abusive relationship than take a bow.  Getting rid of toxic relationship entails conquering those fears.realizing the fact that your abusive partner just counts as one individual out of the entire and numerous population of human in the world.



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