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Coping with a difficult spouse.

Coping with a difficult spouse. 1

Coping with a difficult spouse could be challenging and tasking. Who is a difficult spouse?There are different ways to define a difficult spouse. A difficult spouse is that partner whose needs and desires are insatiable.

You can hardly please them because they are always out looking for fault every now and then. Understanding them atimes is a job on its own. The more you try to do that, the more confused you are.

You can’t really detect what they actually want because they always nag over everything.

Wheather you are single or married, this Post is very essential for everyone who desires to have a happy marriage. it will enable you cope either in your present relationship, marriage or future marriage.

We come accross difficult people in our lives on regular basis. And so having them as partners is not an exception. It is not always what we wished for but atimes we coincidentally find ourselves in such situation.

For instance, at home, there is always this sibiling that gives us so much tough time and proves difficult to please. Sometimes it could be our parents, and No matter how unhappy we are with their chatacter, we dont have any choice than to accept them the way they are then device a means to cope with their annoying attitudes and difficult traits.

The more we learn to accept them by devicing a means to handle them, the more we find their attitude less annoying. And sometimes, if we handle them in the right way, they may gradually begin to adjust.

You also recalled your school days, When you had to cope with a difficult roomate. You wished you had your means of staying alone and having your privacy.

But since you couldn’t help it, you deviced a means to cope with their annoying attitude in such a way that your sanity and peace will still be intact.and also to avoid embrassements via constant fights and arguments.

But with time, you began to notice that you Were no longer affected by their attitudes right? This is exactly the scenario in coping with a difficult spouse.In relationship, you may easily walk away if you can no longer condone their attitude. But in marriage, is not always easy as regards to your marital vows.

Here are few but effective ways of coping with a difficult spouse.

Understand and accept him/her.

I once had a friend who got married. And during their early years of marriage, she often complained about his hubby and his nagging attitudes. They would always fight and quarrel over thrival issues. It got so bad to the point that She nearly sought for divorce, but after undergoing marriage counselling, she learnt a lot. I noticed she no longer complained about her hubby. I was marvelled and thought the so hubby had changed for the better. She told me he hasn’t completely, but they no longer fight or quarrell because she had learn to accept his attitude.

Coping with a difficult spouse. 2
Coping with a difficult spouse by accecpting and understanding him/her

And instead of shouting back at him or fight whenever he begins to nag, she simply ignores or walks away. With that, she began to restore the peace and sanity in her home. And her hubby began to adjust gradually.

This is exactly how it works, before You can cope with someone, you first have to understand him/her before devising a means to handle their attitude.

Any sort of that will equate to constant fights, quarrel or disagreement on regular basis. Am sure you dont want that .

Avoid Arguments.

Coping with a difficult spouse. 3
Coping with a difficult spouse by avoiding argument.

This is the hardest of it all, but an effective way of coping with a difficult spouse. we are human, and we would always want to express our thoughts and opinions.

We would always want our opinions to be heard. And sometimes, in the bid to do that, we tend to create a very coarse and intense environment giving rise to a heated arguments and duspute. The best way to cope with a difficult spouse is to agree with him/her even when he/she is right. Then go your way to do what is right. You may also like to read this. /coping-with-a-nagging-partner/

Stop acting to please them.

Coping with a difficult spouse. 4

This is another effective way of coping with a difficult spouse. Since difficult people are hard to please, i guess you should stop trying to please them either. Just be yourself and do the right thing.

The more you try to please them, the more they will always want you to do more, hence getting you annoyed every now and then. They need to understand you just the same way you need to understand them. They should learn to accept your limits and capability. With that, they may have no other option than to comply. coping with a difficult spouse may appear difficult, but is possible if we apply the right approach.

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