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Coping with a nagging partner

Coping with a nagging partner 1
Copping with a nagging partner.

Coping with A nagging partner.
At some point in our life, we may have to deal with a partner who would always find fault in anything we do…. Who gets so temperamental and yells at us on any slightest provocation.
They can never stop criticisms, because to them, we ought to be perfect in every aspect of our life.
No matter how much you love your spouse, nagging could be a big turn off or one of the characters that irritates you so much. That you can’t help but which you could punch them on the face. Sometimes, you may want to retaliate or unleash your anger. But unfortunately, that may not be the best solutions.

Different proven ways to cope with A NAGGING PARTNER.

  1. UNDERSTANDING – Do not be in a haste to give up on them or walk away because of their negative traits.. You have to understand the fact that no human is perfect. We all have
    our weaknesses and sometimes we may not recognize it as a weakness.
    Don’t forget that they might also be dealing and trying to condone your own weakness and imperfection which maybe worse than that which they were currently exhibiting . So why give up on them when you ain’t perfect either.

COMMUNICATION – just like the saying goes “there is absolutely no smoke without fire. There is also a saying that “behind every nagging woman, there may be a genuine reason. Communication is the pillar that supports and holds a relationship firm. You can’t possible resolve any issue in relationship without first knowing what led to it and that can only be achieved by communicating with him/her. Try and have a heart to heart talk with them to know the reason behind their nagging .and what they expect from the relationship.

3. SELF EXAMINATION – sometimes, we fail to admit the fact that we might be the reason behind our partners nagging attitude. There is always this assumption that they nag just to get back at us or provoke us. But u fortunately, reverse may be the case. Try and examine your self to know where you ain’t getting it right…the things she constantly complain of or nag about, are they things you are often guilty of? And need to quit or adjust on in other to put an end to their nagging attitude. Ponder on this questions to enable you know the way forward.

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