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Overcoming inferiority complex.

Overcoming inferiority complex

Inferiority complex is a feeling that occurs when we  think less about ourselves . Or see ourselves incapable of doing certains things or accomplishing certain task. Inferiority complex is usually accompained with fear,  low morarle  self esteem,  pessimism, negative feelings and self rejection. 

Inferiority complex is not a habit, neither is it a trait. . 
It is an assumption developed from our mindset as a result of fear or past experiences. People who affected by inferiority complex  are not daft or dumb.

They have what it takes to become successful, but are usually afraid to give it a trail. When they come to an office, they are afraid to express their opinions in the public because they probably think Or assume that others are way better than they are. Hence their opionion or sugggestion may not be considered.

They are easily frighened by others whom they think are in a more better positions than they are. 
They always have this feeling that everyone sees and thinks less of them, hence the need to hide inside a cave. .

They are always introvert and feels shy  whenever they are  in the midst of others.  They are always afraid to confront their challenges because they feel they are incapable of doing that. Inferiority complex if not put under control could  mar one’s future and trigger failure. You keep staring at what you ought to do for fear of not getting it right.  You keep assuming you aint good at something when you haven’t attempted it. Overcoming inferiority complex is not hard, if you are determinedto do so.

Overcoming Inferiority complex. Five Tips to assist you.

Be Assertive.

Assertiveness is the ability to develop positive Mindset towards life. It is a feeling of self assurance and confidence.

You dont always have to write yourself off . Or assume you will fail whenever you try to do something, especially something  which you havent attempted  before. Belive you can, assure yourself that  others who does similar things are human just like you. And if they can, you can as well.  Overcoming inferiority complex will help you achieve your dreams and purposes in life.

Avoid comparison.

Overcoming inferiority complex. 2

One of the leading causes of inferiority complex is  comparison. When you compare yourself to others, you will always have the reason to look down on yourself. Comparison creates the feelings of worthlessness. You always wish you were like someone. You will find it difficult appreciating yourself and your effort but rather wished you can do it like the other person, forgetting that our  destiny all differs and no one is perfect. That someone is good in  Certain area doesnt mean they are experts in every other area or field.  There is something in you which is also lacking in them.

There is a potential in you which they might not be in posssession of. Always appreciate yourself and the potential you’ve gat. Because some others persons wished they were like you too. 

Associate yourself with positive minded people. 

Overcoming inferiority complex. 3

The people in your life or the people you associate with have the tendency to either make or mar you. When you keep associating with people with lots of negative feelings, introverts, people who lack confidence, you will likely be influenced by their negative traits. But when you associate with people who aint afraid of conquering Their fears, you will always develop the same mindset.  

Let go of your past.

Sometimes, our past have the tendency of incuring inferiority complex in us. When you’ve had a past  failure, the feelings may tend to resurface hence creating low esteem. There is always this assmption that your past  failure may reoccur hance the fear to give life a trial once again. People who are affected by their past  often write themselves off. They will keep reminscing on their past hence missing a great fortune. The past sometimes has a correlation with the future. If you cant let go of your past, you may find it difficult to let go of your fears.Also read/how-to-overcome-depression/

Improve your social life.

One of the tips to assist you in overcoming inferiority complex is to improve your social interaction with others

The more you isolate yourself From people, social gatherings or vital meetings. the more intimidated and shy you will be. people with inferiority complex are usually introverts. improving your social life helps you to improve yourself too. the more you go out to associate with others, the more you develop self confidence and Ego. You would see your colleagues who aint shy expressing their opinions in public. and that will challenge you and trigger your self confidence. you will most likely be influence by their guts and boldness. socializing with people will enables you to discover a potential in which which you never knew was in existence.

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