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sacrifice in relationships.

Sacrifice is one of the characteristics of love. it is he most significant way of expressing your love and affection towards another/ people.

In families, parents tends to show their love towards their ward by the sacrifices they make towards breeding them up from their infancy stage to adult hood. Often times, it might not really be easy, there might be challenges ranging from finances to limited resources in the course of the breeding up periods. But nevertheless, they still struggle to make it possible. And do everything within their reach to make it become a reality. Even if it entails borrowing from friends selling their properties or denying themselves some pleasures of life in order to make their ward happy, satisfied and fulfilled.

They do that because of the love, affection and bond they have towards their child. And this is the only significant way of expressing such love..

This implies that love is more of practical than theoretical. And such way to express that is through sacrifice.

This illustration is applicable in relationship. You can’t claim to love another when you hardly make sacrifices for them. The language of sacrifice speaks more when trying to
Express your love towards another. We can. Only make sacrifices for people we cherish and place as a priority in our lives. Just as we have in the above illustration, in the case mother- child rationship.

Sacrifices is essential in keeping a relationship/ marriage alive. No matter how you profess your love towards someone, they might not believe till is backed up with some actions and pratical expressions.

sacrifice in relationships. 1

Sacrifices could differ and may come in various forms. It must not necessarily be limited to finance. It could be inform of your time, ( which is the basic), monetary aspect, gift and rendering of services. All of the aforementioned points and quite important and essential and depends on the one which your partner values the most.

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