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I want to perform this task today, but I just have a limited time..I think is best to leave it tomorrow. "I would have done it today, but am so weak and exhausted. Let me extend it tomorrow, then I will have enough time and energy.

These statements and more has really drawn and set a lot of people backwards in their life pursuit and endeavour. It is a habit capable of shattering ones goal and ambition. And if not gotten rid of may turn into a consistent habit and addiction.

Time is one of the valuable assets in the life of every man...its value and importance cannot be over emphasized, as it equates to that of finance. If misused may result to pronlonged negative effect or alteration of future ambitions.

However, adhering to time can be quite challenging a times especially when you stuck in between so much task with limited time to perform it. Here are some of the factors to help you overcome procrastination and utilize your time effectively.

1) SETTING YOUR PRIORITY - no matter how much work load we have, there are certainly ones which are of less important than the other. You heard of scale of preference in Economics, which implies choosing from the most important to the least important of your needs. Setting your priority help you to choose the task which attaches value in your life and poses a great risk to your future if left unattended to. Assuming you only have a limited time. It doesn't imply you will abandon other task permanently, but forgoing them temporarily and then coming back to perform them at your leisure time.

. TARGET - when you set a target to do of perform a task, automatically you are subjecting yourself to self discipline which help you not to relent till the task is accomplished and result achieved.

. DETERMINATION - determination enables one to stay put and stick to ones decision amidst of uncontrollable and inevitable circumstances . nothing in life ever comes itself is full of struggles and sometimes difficulties. However making a decision and determining to scale through no matter its cost will enable you.. It may cost you a great strength, lots of sleepless night and sometimes your pleasure, but at the end, all the result achieved will certainly worth
The effort invested on them.

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