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Domestic violence

Domestic violence a call for concern in our society.

You are a useless woman!!! I would have left you where you were abandoned by your good for nothing parents who never valued your existence. I regret ever picking you from the dust bin and giving your life a meaning. I think it was all my fault, I would have just allowed you to waste and get discarded like a tissue paper. MPk”Michael” cursed and backed at his wife Annabel, who just stood helpless, staring at him, while sobbing. She couldn’t control the tears flowing freely from her eyes. Her eyes looked swollen. The situation would have been worst if she dares reply back at him. His yells, insults and mockery had already broken her emotions, let alone being accompanied by beatings. The last time she attempted to reply back at him, he nearly hit her to an unconscious state. Ever since then, she desisted from that. Instead would only sob and stare helplessly like a fowl ready to be slaughtered. being while being unleashed with the emotional torture.

Annabel laid down and fixed his gaze on the ceiling. A lot of thought popped through her mind. She had often read about domestic violence and its devastating consequences. She had heard a lot of people talk about it, but never thought or believed she would someday experience what it feels like.

She wondered what happened to the loving and caring man, he once dated and courted. The Michael he once knew worshipped the ground she walked on, and wouldn’t even hurt a fly. He treated her like a queen during their dating and courting periods. And even at the early stage of their marriage. But reverse seems to be the case presently. Being abused physically and emotionally on daily basis.

She can’t seems to forget the constant embarrassment, he got from her husband on occasional basis in the presence of a lady whom she believes was his “side Chick”. One in which she ordered her to move to the back seat, while her side chick uses the front seat of the vehicle.
Not to talk of the constant nagging, yelling, forceful sex without considering her emotions and readiness towards her. Gone are the days she would romance her and engage her in fore play and ascertain her mood towards sex before going down on her. These days, he will just mount her like a hungry lion looking for whom to devour. Even a times she isn’t feeling too well. And when he is done satisfying his sexual urge, he dozes off. Abandoning her like a discarded waste.

She has been enduring her marriage, instead of enjoying it . now she understood the saying that marriage is like an unwrapped gift. No one is certain of its content, despite the glittering wrapping sheet till it becomes unwrapped.

She couldn’t count how many miscarriages she had as a result of Michael’s cruelty and constant beatings. She was gradually becoming a shadow of her self and couldn’t speak out. To avoid being mocked and ridiculed by her foes in form of friends.

What will people say, she often soliloquize”each time the thought of voicing out comes to her mind. The countenance and expression of envy and jealousy she got from some of her friends the first day she informed them about her proposal, gets her scared and discouraged from confiding in anyone to avoid being used as a laughing stock.

However, the only friend she has ever thought of confiding in was Chioma. Who has showed her love and concern towards her on several occasions.

She could have confined in her widowed mother, but she never wished to burden her, considering her health and poor financial status.also read

To be continued.

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