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How to cope with loosing a job.

how to cope with loosing job

Loosing a job or contract could be a devastating moment in one’s life especially When there is so much responsibility to take care of at that monent .As the bread winner,, you feel like your entire world has crashed. That thought of not receiving the usual monthly alert to take care of certain needs inflicts an invisible but sharp pain in the heart. this feeling if not guided may lead to suicidal attempt. Here is a story to illustrate this experience.

Mark read his termination of appointment letter over and over again. He couldnt control the tears as they flowed like drops of water. It was like a night mare, and he wished to be woken up soon.

The thought of his sick mother and his younger sibilings shattered his heart. Where do i start from? The voice keep echoing in his mind. He sobbed uncountrollably.

For weeks, mark remained indoors. Despite the pleas from his relatives and friends to move on and search for a better offer.

He kept reminiscing on what lead to the termination of appointment, and blaming himself for having caused it all. One fateful day, mark looked himself in the mirror and discovered he was gradually getting lean. He has suddenly became a shadow of himself . After some weeks of inadequate care of malnutrition. He heard a voice asked him. What has really changed ever since you resolved to remain stuck in the past? At that monent, he realized he wasnt helping his situation in anyway, but rather complicating it while delaying his future opportunity.

He decided to quit blaming himself by putting his past behind, since there was no need crying over a spilt milk.

The next day, he dusted his shoe, brought out his c.v, prayed and dashed out to look for a better opportunity.

At first, it wasnt all rossy. He searched and searched but all to no avail. Until one day, he met a friend who introduced him to a company that was about to recruit employers. He applied, and fortunately, he was called for an interview and he emerged successful. the intresting part of the whole story is that the job he later got was actually better and more promising than the former which nearly took his life.

He became restored to his normal being.hope you learnt something from this brief story. I will still go ahead to explain some other related ways to handle loosing of job.

Three ways to cope with loosing a job


Just like loosing everyother vital or valuable thing in our life. Loosing a job could be truamatizing especially when you never see it coming.but no matter how hurtful it is, you have to accept the fact that you can no longer avert the situation.

Let out the cry, sob, but endeavour not to make it exceed for a very long time. Since there is no point crying over a spilt milk, you have to brace up and overcone you fears. easy right? Hell no!!! but you ought to give it a try. first, try and look back into your attitude towards your work, were you the reason for the termination? if yes!!! Relax, is no time to blame yourself but to think of what you would have done right in other to avoid such mistakes in your new job.

talk to someone. avoid isolation.

Loosing a job could lead to depression. And one of the characteristics of depression is the urge to be left alone.

However, this is no time to isolate yourself from people or suddenly turn to an introvert. Try as much as possible to avoid that urge of being alone to avoid contemplating evil thoughts like suicide. confide in a trusted family member, close relatives and friends.they can assist you financially and with words of encouragement to stay put. And who knows, they might connect you if there is a better offer.

see it as a blessing in disguise.

sometimes,certain things happen to us in life in other to pave way for a better opportunity. Also read

And loosing a job aint an exception. It maybe an opportunity to see beyond your present offer and look foward to a better offer just like we saw in the story. it could be also be a way of unleashing the potential in you by thinking you outside being an employer to being a job creator. Your 8am-5pm job may have occupied much of your time in such that you had no time leveraging your skills and potential. Either ways, is good you utilize and make use of every opportunity.

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