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Why you must let go of your past.

The more you tried to let go of your past, the more its experiences keeps hunting you. Does that look like your story? relax, it is something that often happens. A lot of people had gone through this at one point in their lives or other. You aint alone on this. Read this short story, and see reasons why you need to let go of your past.

If you ever speak to someone about this, “i will strangle you to death”. This statement kept echoing in her mind, the more she tried to resist it, the more they kept coming.

She recalled that fateful night when she happily rushed out of the bathroom after having a warm bath to enhance her night rest.

Unknowing to her, her pepetratator and abuser had been observing from afar. The towel tied around her body which barely exposed her firm breast. She was only fifteen. But her body structureand rapid development made her look more older and matured. just as she was about to untie her wrapper, a strong hand overpowered her, and forcefully threw her to the bed. She couldnt remember anything else, aside the fact that she struggled to let out her breath, but all to no avail.

She remembered having a sharp pain emnact from her private part. With blood dripping freely like water. Her pleads and scream went into deaf ear, as her pepetrator wasnt willing to let go of her either not until he was done. she was left with the warning. “on no account” should my wife, your madam here of this. He warned her severally. She was left in the pool of her own blood. She hated herself. She had been defiled with no one to come to her aid. Her innocence had been forcefully taken right before her very eyes.

Speaking up implies being sent out of the house to no particular destination. Being an orphan, she had no one to go to. Who would ever believe her story. Poor kadire sobed uncontrollably.

These ugly experience she had seven years ago had always been a thorn in her flesh . she finds it difficult to erase it. She has come to develop this mindset that men are beast and the worst creature, thus the mindset made her keep scaring them away.

Kenneth met kadire few months back at a friends party. he admired her, and made advances at her. but kadire declined his proposal.

After so much pressures, she accepted. But unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last as he expected because kadir was always feeling insecure. She couldnt trust kenneth.

Both were always having issues every now and then as a result of kadir’s insecurity. She couldnt give kenneth some benefit of doubt even as he tried to show her that he was different . It wasn’t long, they broke up as their relationship couldnt progress.

As soon as the relationship was over, kadire came to her senses and realized she was Overeacting with her past experiences.

She felt bad and wished she could revert things to how they were before. But it was already late as kenneth has found love in the arms of another. She felt bad.this stories summarizes what happens when we find it difficult to let go of our past.

Three Reasons why you must let go of your past.

The past ignites fear and insecurity.

Just like we saw in the story, when you hold on to your past, you will keep getting scared every now and then. Your life will be filled with so much insecurities. And this may mar your future, because you will see your self loosing essential things in life out of fear for not trying them out or giving them a benefit of doubt.

It brings about Inferiority complex low esteem.

Too much dwelling on the past often makes one think less of him/her self. When people talk about their dreams and achievement.

You would begin to see yourself as an introvert who can’t achieve yours as well. and because you’ve written yourself off already, you may not give it a try. dwelling on your past makes you judge your ability by your weakness in the past.

It disrupts your future.

Your future comprises of your ability to handle your past and present. Hence it is a combination of your past and present activity. Your past may not have been a wonderful story, but your attitude towards handling the story strongly determines how your future story would be.

Reminiscing on the past makes on one stagnant, because you will keep on regretting and wishing that something never happened. When you are meant to forge ahead. You may also read

Successful people aint defined by their past. there are a lot of people who had an ugly past, but today their life has turned out to be a source of inspiration. They narrate their story not to attract pity from people, but to inspire and encourage others with the need to let go of their past. Also check out

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