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Getting the right suitor

Having suitors asking for your hand in marriage, is one of the greatest and remarkable moment every lady possibly at a marriageable age longs for.

Getting the right suitor 1
Selecting a good suitor

The feelings is synonymous to winning a trophy, especially when there had been marriage pressures from the society or family members.

However, the problems and challenges a lot of ladies go through has always been in the aspect of making a right choice.
And this seems to be the most critical stage in the life of every woman, as any decision made at this period will determine the fate of your marital life.

They all seems good, and in possession of good qualities. But the question is? Whom do you go for?

Before you make that decision, let me help you with this little illustration.

Assuming you have the need to get some personal toiletries like your wiper, tissue paper, body cream,,body spray, bathing soap, cloths and clothing accessories. In the actual sense, you desire all this, they are all good. but because you can’t afford all, you opted to selecting the most essential ones in the order of their cloth vitality . I.e cloths, tissue paper, bathing soap, cream.

In likewise manner, when you have the need for food and shelter Which would you go first? Food right!!! Yea because is necessary for survival. That doesn’t mean the others ain’t important. But without food, you won’t survive let alone searching for shelter.

The scenario is just to paint a likely scenario of what it looks like in having so many suitors possibly seeking for

For your hand in marriage. Especially when it seems like they all possess the same qualities

Tips to guide you towards making the right decision

Search for compatibility

we all have our individual choices as regards to marriage, it doesn’t matter how good he may be. What matters is meeting the criteria you’ve always desired in a partner. Is he is someone you can easily get along with? Is he and easy going individual? Or someone who wouldn’t give you a breathing space?

Look beyond perfection

Your idea man shouldn’t be a flawless man, but a man whom despite his flaws can still have a mutual and cordial relationship with you. Flaws are inevitable as long as humans are concerned. He may not be good in all aspects. But you can be rest assured that his good qualities outweighs his flaws.

Avoid desperation.

This is one of the greatest mistake a lot of young women make out there, when trying to choose a suitor. The excitement and enthusiasm at this period may be at it’s peak. Opting you to be quick to accept a proposal without having a thorough thought. In this scenario, most women often view a picture of their gorgeous wedding outfit, and the cruising moment with their spouse in an exquisite hotel. They totally forget the fate that may befall them when the excitement and cheers are over. Avoid desperation at all cost. Don’t be quick to accept a proposal when you ain’t convinced that he is the right one for you.

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