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How to build trust in a relationship

How to build trust in a relationship is an article which provides a detailed guide line on the steps needed to achieve a trust worthy relationship. Trust is vital in everyday aspect especially in our interaction with others.

You did a business transaction with someone and entrusted your hard earned with them without any fear or doubt. You know why? Trust was involved. You wouldn't have believed in them, but this trust didn't just emerged from somewhere. It was triggered by something. Probably your dealings or experience with them in the past. They gave you reasons to believe in them.

Trust is the reason why you could leave your house key with a friend. Trust is the reason why you gave your ATM card and the pin to a friend to assist you in withdrawal. Now assuming they had betrayed you in the past or done something suspicious, would you have entrusted them with your belongings. No right? This is to tell you how essential trust is. Now the question is how can does this trust happen in a relationship? Some things has to be put into place before it becomes successful. Just like a house, trust is said to be the foundation. And you know how important foundation is right? It determines the strength of the building. No matter how huge or beautiful any house is. When the foundation is not right, there is always a risk of getting down at any point in time.

Three ways to build trust in a relationship.

1. Being honest and transparent.

Honesty is one major ways to build trust in a relationship. Just like was earlier explained. , trust doesn't emerge on its own. You create room for it. Imagine having a son/daughter from your previous relationship and then hid it from

Spouse for a very long time. Unfortunately, they got to find out from your friend or stranger? How would they feel? Do you think they would ever believe in you again?. Yes they may forgive you. But the truth is, it will be rare and almost impossible for them to trust you again. Even when they try to do, there would always be some traces of doubt. This is why most relationship and marriage had collapsed of at the verge of collapsing. If there is a secret you would like your partner to know about. Please don't hold it back, endeavour to let it out on time. They may get mad at you, but it is better they are mad at you for some days, and let go of it. Than having it revealed from other people, then leaving with the trauma for the rest of Your life.

2.check your life style .

Life style is probably one of the reason why people loose trust on their partner. You see people vouching for their spouse even when someone tries to blackmail him/her of cheating. They believe in them because they lead a honest life style. They ain't doing anything suspicious. We are human and we tend to be controlled by what we see rather than what could be true. You might not be cheating on your partner but always doing things which could jeopardize their chances of trusting in you. Hence the doubts . Chatting with random men/women at odd hours, Tip toeing to the next room to receive calls and denying your partner access to your mobile phone are some of the ways you can unknowingly create room for Suspicion.


3.Third party interference.

Couple having a dispute on the sofa at home in living room

Avoiding third party interference is another way to build trust in a relationship. Nobody will be willing to confide in someone who can't keep secret. Your partner may wish to confide in you, but may refrain if he/she discovers that you are someone who always involves a third party in an issue which ought to be settled amicably between you both. Third party interference bridges the lack of trust in a relationship. For you to build a trust in your relationship, you have to learn how to keep some certain secrets to yourself. Imagine your significant other hearing about a discussion you both had from your friend. He/she may not trust you enough to confide in you some other days.

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