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Top reasons for divorce

top reasons for divorce in marriage

Top reasons for divorce are those factors that contributes to the high rate of divorce in our society.

Just like every other issues and Unforeseen circumstances in life, divorce can occur for  wide variety of reasons beyond our human control.

However,  in the course of this post, we are going to be laying emphasis on the reasons that seems to top the list based on research, statistics and individual experiences.

Five top reasons for Divorce in our Society.

Unplanned marriage

One of the top reasons contributing to the high rate of divorce is unplanned or unprepared marriage.

So many marriages today began as soon as both couples discovered they were expecting a baby.

There was no period of  prolonged friendship for sometime. The relationship was not defined  from the beginning.  Some of this marriages  were a product of a one night flings. And coincidentally, pregnancy occurred.

So in the bid to protect their reputation and image, they decided to tie the knot with someone they barely know. And ever since then, it has always been from one issue to the other.


Top reasons for divorce



compatibility in relationship does not imply having similar likes, personality or trait. It goes beyond that.

There are variation and differences in every human.

However, compatibility entails understanding each other’s flaw and learning how to condone each other despite the individual differences.

when couples lack this, they will always quarrel, abuse and fight each other every now and then. They will always  make issues out of nothing.

Third party interference

Nothing kills a relationship faster than having every issue discussed with a third party.

This is one of the top reasons for divorce that needs to be paid adequate attention to.

Not every issue is meant to be discussed with people. In marriage, there are issues meant to be settled amicably by both parties.

If this issue is beyond your control. It would be better to seek for the advise of a good marriage counselor.

A lot of marriages had been destroyed as a result of applying wrong counsels received from unexperienced folks.

Always remember that the success of any marriage depends solely on what works for both.

And so, some counsels may not work in your marriage, in spite the fact that  it works for others. Stop washing your dirty linen in public, because you don’t know who is actually happy for you or envious of you.

Listening to sigh Talks and gossips.

This is another top reasons for the high rate of divorce in our society. Some marriage ended, not because both folks grew tired of each other, but because they admitted every gossip they heard about their spouse without doing proper investigation to verify the truth.

They heard their spouse was cheating, they accepted and began accusing them without giving them a benefit of doubt or chance to explain their own part of the story. They ran into conclusion even when  they haven’t caught them in the act.

  Lack of trust

Lack of trust  is another top reasons for divorce. lack of trust often leads to Insecurity, unnecessary suspicion and conclusions.

Lack of trust denotes the reason why must folk would accept any gossip or sigh talks about their spouse without doing proper investigations.

lack of trust is the reason why most people would jump into conclusion without giving their partner a benefit of doubt. And before you knew what has happened, a lot has been damaged beyond repair. Partners should learn how to How to build trust in their marriage


This is one top reasons of divorce that is broad and speaks a lot. Most marriage ended because one or both couples has their Ego as their priority.

The word “sorry”was regarded as a word meant for the weak.hence they barely use it, causing issues to linger for a very long time.

couples should learn how to overlook some certain things in their relationship. Marriage union ought to be mutual. For two minds that truly understands each other, Apology.  Should be a great antidote in preventing any marital issues.









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