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How to curb Ego in your relationship/marriage

Curbing Ego in a relationship/marriage

About Ego

EGO is one of the negative trait being exhibited by one or both partners in relationship/marriage. It is an unhealthy habits that can mar a long lasting marriage/relationship. No doubt, there is a desire for supremacy and power in individuals, everybody craves to have his/her opinion being respected and accepted by their partner. This is common to both genders and not just restricted to men alone as presumed and believed by people. It is a normal perception, but becomes abnormal when it is done at the expense of your relationship. A little dispute/misunderstanding that ought to have been settled amicably is allowed to linger for so long because one or both partners are contemplating in their minds on who to be the first to say ”sorry”. To most folks, apology implies accepting defeat and having a low self esteem. Unfortunately, this is a fallacious belief and I want to proof it wrong.

Difference between self esteem and Ego

There is a huge difference between ”SELF ESTEEM AND EGO While the former can be defined as an individual’s value and self worth which includes, self appreciation and charisma in relating with others. The later is synonymous to feelings of pride, arrogance, supremacy and dominion. It doesn’t really matter who has defaulted, what matters is saving your relationship from collapsing.

These are questions you need to answer

1) Do I value my relationship/marriage???

2) Are they worth the Fight?

3) Do I regard my partner as a priority and important personality in my life?? If the answers to the above questions are in affirmative. Then is time to let go of pride in order to save your relationship/marriage. Quit the mindset of ”I shouldn’t be the one to apologize first as am not ”guilty”. Remember the main objective is to save your relationship first, after which you can have a heart to heart talk with your partner. Pouring out your heart to them and explaining to them why it is very necessary to apologize whenever they offend you and not the other way round. Have it in mind that no relationship is perfect and no perfect human exists. Exercise patient with them and give them a little time to deal with their weak point ”EGO” I.e if they are willing to change. The word ”sorry” is so simple that it wouldn’t remove any strand of hair from your body but rather save you from heart ache that might be caused as a result of breakup or divorce from your relationship and marriage respectively.

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