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The negative Effects of pornography in marriage

The negative Effects of pornography in marriage is a post that summarizes some of the misconception and negative effects of excessive viweing of pornographic materials as regards to marriage

Misconception about pornography

Negative effects of pornography in marriage

There are so many misconceptions and believe about the word”pornography’. But the true fact is that it has done more harm than good in our society today especially as it relates to marriage. It is one of the marriage killer.Most times, couples tend to imitate the kind of sexual escapades being performed by this porn stars forgetting the fact that all those sexual explicit they watch are not real. These porn stars are just commercial sex workers who were paid to act in a specific manner, most times,these porn stars takes drugs which makes them act weird and receives violent sex in the pretense that they are really having fun…they are just after their money and nothing else.

It’s Negative effects

1)Brings about comparisons

Now, what I don’t really get why any sane man after watching pornography will expect her wife to be wild and perform exactly like the porn actress? And if she doesn’t meet up to the expectations, you will start hearing words like my wife is not romantic and good in bed and this may cause a great dispute between the couples or even lead to unfaithfulness by the man.

2)Makes you see her more like a sex object

Nothing beats like setting and putting your wife in the ”mood”, in such way, she wouldn’t act out of obligation. Teach her where she isn’t getting it right, apply a lot of foreplays before bouncing on her like a hungry lion looking for a prey to devour. Don’t subject her to physical abuse or emotional tortue, all in the name of having a great sex, she is your wife and not a cheap prostitute awaiting payment for a service rendered. Sex is meant to be enjoyed by couples and not endured. fore play and romance prior to love making increases the bond and intimacy in the marriage. It also helps to keep her in the mood. And makes the sex more pleasurable.

3)Makes you self centred.

Excessive porn viewing could make you think less of your spouse and more of your self alone. You would always want her to portray the moves and positions of the porn actress without considering the fact that she may not be comfortable with that. Is all about you and satisfying your sexual urge without considering her feelings.

4)Increases your chances of cheating.

In the bid to experience a certain sex escapades, your chances of cheating on your spouse may be high. There may be this urge to experience a new form of sexual escapades since your wife ain’t farmiliar with that. You will begin to see your wife as a boring and naive partner. Sex with her all of a sudden becomes too boring for you. Hence the urge to patronize a whore.

What you must do

Quit watching porn, it only gives you a wrong mindset and misconceptions on sex as it relates to marriage

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