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Importance of self love in a relationship

Importance of self love in a relationship is an eye opener for women who deserves to be respected by their significant other

Importance of self love

Have you ever imagined giving out a car to someone when you can’t even afford a tricycle, sounds funny and absurd right? This is exactly what happens when you are in a relationship expecting to be showered with affection but yet you neither show love nor value yourself.

No wonder the bible says, love your neighbour as your self. Did you get that? “as your self”.

.This implies that the love must first begin with you. People only respect and value what attracts them. The way you present your life would go a long way to determine how people would treat you. A lot of people are undergoing emotional abuse because the value placed on their significant other superceeds that which they have upon themselves.

Hence are being taken for granted. A report once proofed that nearly 60%of women are emotionally abused by their partner’s on daily basis, yet are still stuck for fear of loneliness and benefits associated with such relationship.

Importance of self love

*It helps boost your confidence
* It attracts respect from your significant other.
* It helps you detect some red flags in a relationship .
*It helps you know when your partner is begining to loose interest.
*It makes you not to prioritize a relationship but focus on other vital aspects of your life…

Three ways to develop self love.

Work on your esteem .
It is not a speculation to state that people who lack self love often have low esteem.

They think less of themselves, always assumes they are failures or has nothing to contribute in life. This perception in turn goes a long way in affecting them psychologically thus leading to low esteem.

Avoid dependency

Avoid Dependency
Being dependent on another may subjects you to emotional abuse especially if you are dating an egocentric fellow who feels you are entitled to them as long as they are responsible for your upkeep.

They will keep taking you for granted as long as you solely depends on them for everything. Such scenario could make you loose your self love. The best antidote is to work hard so as to be independent in such that no one would take you for granted and so you can easily leave the relationship if you feel is no longer safe for you.

Lead a well fulfilled life

Lead s well fulfilled life

Do you know that when your life is filled with so much interesting activities, adventures, dreams and visions. You would value yourself more and wouldn’t think of making relationship the center of your happiness. When there is an achievement or plans for achievement, you will be proud of yourself. But when it is all about relationship, your significant others often comes first in your mind. He will always take you for granted if your life is boring. No one wants to be with a fellow who’s daily routine does not go beyond waking up, eating and going to bed.
You remember those visions you have been nurturing and planning to accomplish?
What about those targets you once set?

The hobby you planned to turn into skill? Your usual hang out moment with friends and families? What suddenly happened to all these? It seems you’ve given up on them since you began the relationship.
You have to go back to them. Get a life. give your life a meaning and every other things will follow suit in no distant time. Quit acting like your life revolves around any person.

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