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Is he ready for marriage?

is he ready for marriage? This is one of the vital question any woman Within a marriageable age desires to know or never hesitates to ask somewhere along the line in any relationship. especially before getting herself to commit. .

Not every relationship would definitely lead to marriage, that is certain, but no one one wants to be in a serious relationship believing or having the assumption that one day they would split apart.

The probability is there. But everyone wants to have that benefit of doubt that his/her relationship would definitely turn out positive.

It is just lik a football or any other sporting competition, no matter the efforts and preparation by both opponents, only one opponent would definitely emerge as the winner at last. That not withstanding, none of the opponent wants to believe they will loose or be defeated by their counterpart.

they are all optimistic and certain, that they would be victorous. But at the end, the chances of loosing is inevitable. Here is A short story to enlighten you.

Sabrina met dave few months ago, their relationship had been moving smoothly. From all indication, dave was the right one for her. Sabrina never intend to date without the purpose of marriage.

Sabrina has always longed to have a serious relationship that would lead to marrriage, but unfortunately, she kept meeting the wrong ones. Not until she met dave.

Ever since their path crossed, she became optimistic. Without doubts, she believed their relationship would lead to marriage. She kept rejecting every suitor coming her way. One year had passed, two years had passed, yet Dave never mentioned any thing about marriage. She summoned courage and asked him.

But was surprised, when dave told her that he wasn’t ready for marriage. Confused and devastated, she tried to know what his reasons were but never got a definite answer. Instead dave revealed the most shocking news to her about not seeing himself ready for marriage anytime soon.

So many men are like dave, they may treat you well, shower you with attention, but never talks about marriage or have the intention of getting married anytime soon.

Most times, they really dont have any reason towards their unreadiness to marriage. They date for the fun and enjoy the moment while it lasts. Such people always leaves their partner with the feelings of uncertainity.

Ready for marriage

You keep rejecting suitor for their sake while he keeps dating you For fun. Are you tired of this. Are you seriously seeking for an answer to the question. Is he ready for marriage? You are in the right place.

Few signs to indicate that he may/may not be ready for marriage?

Ready for marriage

1.Check out his reactions whenever you talk about the future.

Being ready could mean a different thing, it could be emotionally, financially or psychologically.

Men are not dumb, they already know whom they want to spend their life with from the very first day they began to woo a lady to the day she accepted and throughout the relationship. any man who shys away from any conversation or question relating to marriage is probably not ready to settle down.

He may not be financially bouyant, but if he truly loves his woman and sees the future with her, he may ask for sometime to work things out. no man would ever want to loose a good woman or be happy seeing a woman she intends to marry taken by another man.

There would probably be feelings of hurt. But if he feels non-challant about it, then marriage Was never on his budget.

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2. Has he ever introduced you to anyone close to him?

Though this may not be a perfect way to be really sure if a man is ready for marriage owing to the deceitful nature of some men, but it sure helps atimes.

A man who genuinely intends to have something serious with his woman wouldnt hesitate to introduce her to people close like her family members, friends and the rest. though this is not a guarante that he wants to marry you. but it could be regarded as one of the steps taken when a man is serious with you. to know if he is actually genuine, you may decide to get close to one of his friends, try and find out what he has been telling him about you.

You can do that in a very smart way. You will definitely find out. Men hardly hide things from their fellow men. If they are genuine with you, they will talk about it among themselves. if reverse is the case, they will still talk about it and probably make jest of you.

3. How often does he engage you in conversation.

A serious man with the intention of marriage will probably engage you in conversation more often. Men who wants flings with no sentiment attached are mostly interested in feeding their sexual urge and estacy.

And once that is done, nothing matters to them any longer. communicating with your partner is one of the essential ways to include them in your future. the more you talk with them, the more you get to know their interest, likes, dislikes personality and other important traits which is vital for marriage.

But unfortunately, men who are dating just for the fun have no such time and thus don’t usually include meaningful conversation in their dating plans.

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