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Is my relationship worth fighting for?

Is my relationship worth fighting for? A lot of individuals request a honest answer to this questuon on daily basis. . No one would be happy engaging in an activity which drains his/her energy, occupy’s a lot of his/her time, yet have no positive impact or yield in his/her life.

For instance,,we go to school, try to be the best we can, despite the hurdles and stress around our school environment, because we believe that soon our effort will be crowned with success and our future Will become enviable.

You wake up as early as 5am every morning to prepare for work, despite the urge to remain in your warm bed enjoying the cool breeze of the weather. such sacrifices were as a result of the hope that at the end of the month, you would receive a salary to take care of your needs and pay your bills. Now imagine making all these sacrifices, and at the end of the month, your employer comes up with flimzy excuses and refuses to pay you. How would you feel about that? Sad right?

The same scenario is applicable to relationships. You can imagine being in a relationship where you do everything humanly possible to ensure it works, but all to no avail. The more harder you try, the more it seems almost impossible to make it work.

Now, you are wondering if it is really worth fighting for or you should give up already. Or probably, your partner may have broken up with you, but you can seems to get over it. And you keep wondering if the relationship is worth fighting for?

Four signs to know if a relationship is worth fighting for.

Your partner’s interest.

Before you struggle to keep a relationship, try to ascertain if your partner is still interested in you. Is like forcing a horse to a river, then on getting there, it refuses to drink the water which was the main objective of taking it to the river. You can only fight for a relationship when your partner still has interest in you, otherwise your effort will be frutile. Just as the name implies. “relationship”. It is meant for two individuals and not just a person.

Your partner’s effort.

Every relationship has its challenges and up’s and down. you may not have broken up with each other, but consistently battling with issues every now and then. And you think that by fighting to make it work,things would get back to normal. while this is a good idea, but the question is.

Are you both having the same thoughts and reasoning? Is he/she also considering making such sacrifices. If the answer is in affirmitive,then chances are that it is really worth fighting for. But if no, it may not worth your stress because your partner’s reluctance over it shows that they neither value you nor the relationship.and remember that we only fight to keep things which we place values on.

How has the relationship been.

You have to try as much as possible to be honest with yourself on this. What has been your experiences since the begining of the relationship? Forget about your feelings, disregard your emotions . Compare the good times and the bad times, compare your rate of happiness in the relationship with the rate at which you’ve cried, sobbed and yelled.

The greatest mistake would be fighting to keep something which has long been dead and should be discarded. that’s why a lot of people get stuck while fighting to keep a relationship when they were meant to move on. struggle to keep things only if they have a positve influence in your life. You may also like

what is the future of the relationship?

before you fight for a relationship, ensure there is a future possibility between you and the other person. If not, you may be building a castle for someone else to lay their heads on. One vital feature of any good product is its durability. people hardly invest in a product with shorter life span. Is only good when you are fighting for a relationship knowing that you both are meant to be together. does he sees the future with Me? Does he desires to spend the rest of his life with me? These are the questions to ponder on in other to ascertain if he really includes you in his/her future.

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