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4 Myths about marriage

4 Myths about marriage 1
Five myths about marriage

Myths about marriage, what comes to your mind at the mention of the word marriage?

What are the things you’ve heard about marriage that scares you? Or made you develop a different view about marriage? Your mindset and perception towards anything in life is what determines the amount of effort you would invest on it and the effect it would have on you.

What makes us in life is that which we ingest, the idea we believe, the advise or deceit we receive from others, the opinions we accept and the belief we admit. It can either affect our live positively or negatively.

so many myths had speculated about marriage. These myths are one of the  Top reasons for divorce and high rates of break up. People can come up with so many deceits or unverified facts which tends to lure the gullible ones and makes them succumb to long time misery all in the name marriage.  Just like every other institution, Marriage Is a continuous learning process.

There is no basic or particular formula. It all boils down to the belief and conception you both have. This belief can be a product of misconception, it can be filled with lies and deceits. It gets worse, if these misconceptions are  mutual. Now how can you correct each other’s mistake? since you both admit that those mistakes are right? This is why you have to be careful in admitting and accepting any information you hear about marriage, irrespective of its source. as They can be quite misleading a times. What are the common myths you’ve heard about marriage?

What myths about marriage
Five myths about marriage

Common myths about marriage

Marriage is primarily for procreation

This is a common belief today, and that explains why most marriage looses its Spark as soon Conception takes place.

Both couples might begin to think. “since we now have kids, what is the essence of having our usual hang outs, summer vacations and couple’s dinner nights?Hence the usual attention shifted to the kids which ought not be so. do you also realize that contracts marriage is also becoming popular this days?

A man would intentionally pay off a lady just to have her give him kids. Believing that procreation is the primary reason for marriage is one myths about marriage that needs to be corrected. What about companionship?companionship is the only factor that would strengthen a marriage.

The belief that you are together because you found each other worthy enough to be with them. This will help you stay put through thick and thin, and overcome any storms that might come your way, including the inability to procreate at that moment. are polygamous in nature

This is a common myth about marriage  meant to justify the act of infidelity among the male folks. however, there is no justification whatsoever on cheating.  These myths had broken  a lot of home, by making some men feel is absolutely normal to cheat on their spouse. It has also made  most  women to pay less attention whenever they discover that their hubby is cheating, as long as he takes care of the family. However, infidelity is wrong and capable of breaking a home irrespective of the gender involved in the act.

3. marriage is all about endurance and tolerance.

I know you must be Surprised on  how this was listed as one of the myths about marriage, after all you were told that tolerance is one of the factors needed to build a healthy and committed relationship as marriage.

Now pay attention to this, tolerance is good, in fact it is an essential factor. However, there is always a limit to what we can tolerate.

There is a limit to what we can put up. We tolerate flaws and not emotional abuse, we tolerate each other’s weakness and not not physical abuse.marriage is to be enjoyed and not endured.

Don’t quote me wrong. Am not saying endurance in marriage is totally bad. But  is best we endure for the right purpose. It is best  adopted when things ain’t all rosy and When challenges surfaces. enduring domestic violence and emotional abuse especially with someone who ain’t working toward changing for better is a wrong idea.

Unfortunately, This issue of tolerance has been misinterpreted a lot.Most women are experiencing domestic violence in their respective homes. They can’t voice out because the society made them to believe that marriage is for better for worse, even at the expense of their happiness. This is one myth about marriage that really needs to be looked into.

Marriage life is stress free.

Another myths about marriage is that marriage life is stress free. and so most singles get into marriage with the mindset of being free from their worrisome folks and troublesome siblings.  Only to realize that there is actually no difference, apart from learning how to be submissive, tolerant and Understanding. Most times, they make the wrong choice, because they are so desperate and eager to leave home at all cost.





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