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Excessive communication in relationship, healthy or bad?

The meaning of intimacy in relationship
Excessive communication

Excessive communication a good or bad idea in a relationship? Communication is one of the essential factor which had been proved to enhance relationship especially  a distant relationship relationship where couples hardly get in physical contact with each other.

That shows that communication itself is a healthy habit in a relationship. So what about having it in excess? Is there such thing as excessive communication? Do you think communicating often with your spouse would reduce the spark in the relationship or make them to stop showing you so much affection?

This had been one of the most deliberated topic. So many folks believes that communicating too much with your spouse will make them desire you less. Other believes that it is an easiest way to kill the vibe in a relationship.

However, whatever you think or assume about   excessive communication.always have it in mind that a healthy relationship is not dependent upon any particular factor. But what seems to rock for both parties. Is all about having a mutual understanding and agreements on what you both desire to achieve in your relationship.

Is there such thing as excessive communication?

Yes, just like every other aspects of life, moderation is needed to achieve a better and  enhanced result.

The body needs sugar and salt to regulate its activity in other to ensure a healthy system free of illness and other ailment. Such activity otherwise known as osmotic  regulation.

However, having this in excess Could pose a problem to one’s system. And not having it sufficient could equally pose a problem, Hence the need to keep it  at a moderate level.

Most attitude we portray in life is good. But when exhibited in excess it turns to addiction which may pose a negative influence on us. There is nothing wrong with expressing one’s emotion. but when it becomes uncontrollable, it is said to be abnormal.

Similarly, excessive communication is not an exception.

Excessive communication


When do we say that a communication has become excessive?

When one or both partner sees it more like a disturbance.

Just like i explained earlier, it all depends on the parties involved. If there is mutual understanding, and both are okay with the communication styles.

Then there is no cause for alarm. But when one party begins to feel you are always invading on their privacy with so much calls or text messages,, Especially for people who never jokes with their space despite how intimate they are with you.

That is when a communication has become excess. Is always good to respect people’s choice especially when they need their Space

When is becoming a source of distraction

Communication when done moderately is good as it makes a relationship stronger, however, unnecessary calls, text messages and chats can pose as a distraction to other aspects of our lives. It is also a sign of neediness, insecurity and desperation.

A lot of relationships has ended as a result of unanswered calls, un replied text messages which may be as a result of the busy schedules by the other party.

most folks out of insecurity may call their partner endlessly, without understanding the fact that they might be too overwhelmed with work and thus couldn’t take their calls at the moment. When the pressure becomes much for them, they might decide to call it a quit. As not everyone is good in Handling their job and relationshipSimultaneously.

when it has become a habit

most folks are addicted to calling their partners every now and then.the addiction has turned to a habit to the point that even while  they are ignored and taken for granted, they persisted and kept calling. interrupting their partner’s space and making themselves appear  needy.

I have seen a scenario where a woman kept calling her fiancee who was probably having fun with another lady. She kept calling and calling. The more she called, the more heartbreaking and sad she became because her calls were  ignored.

 Excessive communication, while it may not be healthy.

it reduces the spark In a relationship.

No matter how helpful and good you think it is to  communicate excessively with your partner.   it gets boring with time.

If you have formed the habit of calling your partner at every interval just to check on them, or gist them on what happened at any point in time, they will get bored of it, because they ain’t getting anything new, apart from the usual stale stories and gist.

Variety they say is the spice of life. No one desires to be tasting a particular kind of food all the rest of their lives. The only exception to this is having a partner with mutual understanding and priority. Who doesn’t see anything wrong with excessive communication, but rather sees it as fun and a  way to get more connected to you.

It can lead to loss of interest.

Absence they say makes the heart grow fonder. It is human nature to value that which is less available than that which is always available. A simple illustration is this, when a commodity is scarce, people will place a high value on it, they will handle it with care. But when it can be easily acquired, less priority and value will be placed on it.

Similarly, people will value you more, when they are scared to loose you as a result of your absence.that does not imply you should Ignore your partner and make yourself unavailable. It only implies you should keep everything at moderate level, so you can trigger their desire and longing  to have your presence always.

It can lead to unnecessary Jealousy, assumption and insecurity.

when you are always conscious of calling your partner even they might be busy. You will often get paranoid if they couldn’t pick your call at that moment.

Thus leading to insecurity, jealousy and unnecessary assumptions of what does not exist. You will begin to suspect them without giving them a benefit or doubt or at least trying to hear their own side of the story before jumping into conclusions.








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