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surviving on low income.

surviving on low income has always been the challenge of so many people over the years.

It is not always easy especially when you have tons of responsibilities to take care of. Coupled with the harsh economic situation prevalent in our society today.

It is one thing to earn a living, it is another thing to manage it effectively in such that that you wouldn’t leave yourself in unexpected debts. Surviving on low income entails discipline, you know the saying ” if you can’t manage it when it is still small, there is a probability that you may still not be able to manage the big when it eventually comes.

You rembered the popular story in the bible, about a man who went on vacation and entrusted gifts to his servants.

You recalled what happened right? To The ones he gave the smallest gift, they utilized it well and yielded more.while to the ones he gave the biggest, they abused it. What does this signify? Sometimes in life, it is not all about Your salary or amount you earn. But how well it is being managed.

I’ve seen folks who earn more, but yet complains every now and then. even to the point of living in so much debts.

On the contrary, i’ve equally seen folks who earns very little but yet leading a comfortable and fulfilling life. I know you might be wondering how possible it is. It is not a rocket science, it only entails discipline and following the right precautions.

Hard time calls for harder and smarter way of reasoning. This is the principle that Makes any successful man/woman. Inspite the economic situation around him/her. Surviving on low income comes with a lot of advantages.

First it develops your mindset and builds your perception about life. Knowing that you can cope with any challenge.

secondly, it would definitely help you not to mismsnage the big one when it comes. And in the case where you were able to survive on low income, and still come up with some savings.

It would help you have something to fall back on when the rainy day strikes or you suddenly stopped working. surviving on low income, is it achieveable. The answer is. YES. Here is how to do it.

surviving on low income, steps to guide you.


Discipline is required to succeed in every aspect of life. Discipline entails denying oneself of certain pleasures in other to achieve an aim. It requires self control.

Without discipline, you will end up spending money unnecessarily even when you know you don’t earn much. it requires discipline to take your eyes off a favourite cloth you saw at the shopping mall.

When you know there are other important needs to attend to. It takes discipline to ignore certain groceries, snacks, vanilla ice cream and the rest whenever you walk up to a shopping mall to purchase food items.

You see people Who doesn’t allow any food item pass them by even when they are fully satisfied. Such kind of people hardly save. they are always complaining every now and then. yet they are the cause of their predicament.when you learn how to control your apetite and urge, you are already one step ahead towards surviving on low income.

Make your budget and plan.

surviving on low income requires proper budgeting and planning. there is a saying, “he who fails to plan has automatically planned to fail.

Such is true when you receive your salary without planning on how to spend it. You will end up questioning yourself on how you managed to spend all within a twinkle of an eye?

planning helps you cut down on your expenses and ignore unnecessary spendings.your needs and wants are all important. But since you can’t take care of all with your meagre salary, it helps you focus more on your needs which is more vital.

Be mindful of friends you keep.

most times, we end up being influenced by the people we associate with. learn to cut your coat according to your cloth. learn to live within your income. stop going out with people whose standard of living is above yours.

No matter how disciplined you are, the truth is that one day, you may be tempted to dress like them, and adopt their life style. And you know what that means? You will end up misusing your meagre salary in the bid to get to their standard.

Thereby living you in misery and debts. In some cases, it may end up leading you to indulge in certain dubious lifestlye, thereby ruining your future and endangering your life.

be mindful of where you go.

if you want to survive with your low income. Schedule your time and avoid visiting certain places which puts you at risk of unnecessary spending.

you can’t survive on low income when you are always seen in the bars, clubs or tourist centres. Visiting this places occassionally a’int wrong. but make sure you have attended to other vital needs. Endeavour that your family have enough to eat before throwing away money to strangers at clubs and bars. most men are guilty of this. they end up satisfying their pleasure and other people’s want thereby neglecting their wife and children.

Avoid living a promiscious life style.

This is specifically for single men and some married men who flirt around with different women.check any single man who keeps numerous girls, he hardly save up.

His earning goes up on satisfying the unending demands of this ladies.he spends most of his time in clubs, parties and every social events in town. thereby leaving in debts and incuring so much debts upon himself. same goes to married men who neglect their families in pursuit of young ladies.

they end up spending more than they earn. and at the end of the day, they will have so much debts to settle. Nothing draws a young man back than making women his priority, at the age he was meant to focus and build his career.

One descent Woman is enough, that is if you have plans together in the future. But ensure she isn’t too demanding or the type that shoulders all her responsibilities on you. otherwise you will end up spending more than you earn or living above your income. You may also like to read /5ways-passion-enhances-career/

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