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Five reasons people fall out of love.

To fall out of love implies that you no longer feel that initial feelings or intimacy that once connected you to your spouse or partner.

It is common for one or both partners,to loose their initial feelings when things no longer seems as they were in the begining.

It is a natural occureance, and the only remedy to it, is observing the root cause. and this could be achieved by Examining the relationship by both partnersto know exactly what went wrong. You remebered those days when you couldn’t go a day without trying to hear their voice.

You remebered those days when you couldn’t go a day without uttering the four Lettered powerful and magical words. “i love you”. Then all of a sudden, everything seems like fake. Telling your partner you love them no longer moves as you don’t want to sound fake or deceive them. yet you are scared of letting them know your feelings towards them had changed. Instead you remained in the relationship out of pity.

The worse scenario is being at the receiving end. You recalled when they couldn’t go a day without desiring to hear from you or see you. Then all of a sudden, everything seems like a night mare. Their love and affection began to decline. Here is a short story from a woman who once had a share of this experience.

We were once cool with each other, fallen in love with him was the greatest thing that ever happened to me, because he pratically worshipped the ground i walked in.

Then all of a sudden, he became cold and distance. i began to feel his absence more often. i called his attention towards it, but he kept assuring me that all was good. i took his words for it and gave him some benefits of doubts.

Yet things never remained the same. As he kept drifting farther away. Little did i know he had fallen out of love, but was only loving me out of pity, for fear of hurting my feelings.

After so much persuassion from me, He later opened up that he has lost every spark and doesn’t wish to continue. i felt so hurt and frustrated. i was left with no other option than to move on with my life as well.

From this brief story, we can deduce that people don’t just stop loving out of the blues. It could only mean one thing, they have fallen out of love. People fall out of love for various reason.

And identifying one of the reason could help your relationship get back to the way it was initially. i.e if you both find it worth keeping and fighting for.

Reasons why people fall out of love.

Emotions and intimacy happened so quick.

fallen in love is a gradual process, and when it happens, it tends to last long. I mean being in love genuinely. unfortunately, most relationship this days began their love story like magics.

One party declares his intention for the other, and the next thing, they are both all over each other. intimacy and romance shows up instantly. and before both knew what has happened.

they suddenly became bored. this implied there was no feelings of love initially.

it was lust that got them attracted. and when they have had enough of each other, the feelings declined. This explains why people fall out of love easily.


People could fall out of love as a result of distance, especially in the scenario where both couples have grown to be fond of each other by always being in each other’s presence.

In the case, where both became apart as a result of certain conditions beyond their control. there is every tendency that one or both may fall out of love. especially when they are ignorant of several ways to make a distant relationship work. like constant communication.

Distraction from another opposite sex

This contributes to the top reason why people fall out of love. A times, when a partner suddenly became cold and emotionally distant,

it could mean they are begining to get attention from another member of the opposite sex. at this point, nothing else could ever bring their attention back. because they are already considering dating someone else, who to them seems more appealing than their partner.


people may fall out of love as a result of not being emotionally compatible with their partners. not having common interest or goals with someone they are dating is a great turn off to most people.

It makes the relationship boring, because you will always end up in disagreements. You want it his way, but unfortunately, he wants it that way.

Constants fights and disagreement.

not having peace in a relationship could make people fall out of love. there is nothing wrong with picking up a fight or quarrel with each other once in a while.

but when it becomes habitual, it is a great turn off. Being in a relationship that lacks peace and tranquility is a great turn off.

The spark is gone

Spark are factors or ingredients that keeps a relationship alive and healthy

They are majorly things or activities which got you attracted to your partner during the wooing stage. It could be constant communications, dinner nights together, recreational hang outs, going on vocations or cinema with each other, and texting each other often.

when all of a suddden, you no longer see the need to do all these. the spark will be gone. and It could result in one or both partners falling out of love. read other articles from the same author . /how-to-know-when-a-relationship-is-over/

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