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Unleashing your greatness




Unleashing your greatness
Unleashing your greatness.

Your greatness in life depends solely on your ability to discover who you are,  your purpose and value.  The word “unleash” means to free, release  or let go. You can’t release what you are not in possession of.

You first have to understand that your greatness is not far from you. It is within. Unfortunately, so many folks are yet to understand this. They run from pillar to post looking for a means  of livelihood, they run helter and skelter, thinking that their destiny had been tied somewehere.

They keep searching for wealth in the wrong places   Without realizing the fact that it is right under their feet.  They keep chasing shadows while the real being is right beside them .

Some days ago. I was discussing with a friend and she said and i quote. ” making it in this shit hole country is so hard especially as the recession is becoming worse by day.   I tried to let her understand that her greatness is not tied to the economic situation of the country.

The economy might not be friendly, but then there are still people breaking records.

There are still folks leading a comfortable life. Recession and economic declination regardless. Their secret is simple. They have discovered who they are  and what they are in possession of.

The next thing was to release it, by putting it into action and they became who they are today. Note: it is not a day’s job and not so easy as well.  Whoever tells you otherwise is only  trying to deceive you and doesn’t mean well for you. It requires commitment, patience and hardwork.

But  the good news is  that it is quite possible and achieveable. We all desire to be great, but the bitter truth is that greatness  doesn’t come by hoping, it comes by determination, hardwork and Persistence

. If you can’t do any of the mentioned. then am sorry, Achieving greatness may be a night mare for you. Having known what unleashing greatness entails,  this, let’s look at some factors that will enable you achieve it.

Effective ways to unleash the greatness in you.

Leverage on every on every opportunity.


Don’t get so worked up on your set back to the point of getting your whole energy sapped. Don’t spend much time figuring out why it couldn’t work the way you presume. But rather spend more time in finding out other ways to make it work. See every disappointment as a motivating factor, see every failure as an opportunity in disguise.

Amidst of every disappiontment, there had risen heroes who rather than blame people or situations around,  topped up their game by  using the disapointment to  their advantage. You a’int an exception too. You can do that as well. Let your failure motivate you and not set you back.

Ignore every limitation

Have you ever observed? Each time you try to do something new, there is always this fear of uncertainity that tends to draw you back.

you can never know  your strength till you try a new adventure. Your limitation could be your weakness, that mindset  that your a’int competent enough.

That mindset that you a’int in possession of the right quality. This could be your limitations. But i have to remind you this, you don’t need to be perfect or flawless to embark on any project.

Check the life history of the world’s renowned men and women, they all started from a scratch. they all began by  discovering  who they are, their purpose in life and how to achieve that. With consistency, they gradually became better till they rose towards fulfilling their accomplishments.

Don’t be afraid to take risk

Am sure you must have heard of the slogan. It is almost risky not to take a risk in life. Yes because life itself is a risk.

Each and every day comes with its own uncertaintity. We wake up each day uncertain of what fate actually holds for us, or the likely misfortune we might face. But then, we still wouldn’t want our breathe to seize. we still wish to explore life outside and

Embark on a project or journey,  we always desire to  try out new adventures irrespective of its outcome. This is life. So in essense, stop leaving in fear. Stop admitting negativity. Admit to your self that even if you fail, you wouldn’t have to regret your decision, but it will serve as a way to improve and make your self better. that will help you in  Overcoming your fears.

be mindful of your environment

Don’t allow your self get stuck when things a’int moving in your present location.

Sometimes take a decision to make an adjustment. Even if it means relocating.  It is not moving here, fine!! But have you tried other places? the rule of success demands You always be in motion and not remain stagnant. As long as positive result is guaranteedJust make sure you develop a new plan or idea.  Always endeavour to be around positive minded people. One of the most significant factor associated with failure comes as a result of negative influence.

Bad communication brings about Set back. You need people who would inspire you via their successful life. you need a role model.  people  who would always ignite hope in you. and not people who derives joy in lamenting over their situations constantly. Without any effort to change the status quo.

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