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Why money does not sustain love

The wrong mindset about love

Why money does not sustain love 1
Money does not sustain love

I was one of such guys who believed that with wealth, affluence,fame and money. You can easily get any kind of lady succumb to your desire. Hence, to me there was no such thing as love… I met this pretty, gorgeous and charming princess on a wedding event. I got attracted to her beauty and couldn’t wait for the event to be over in other make advances to her. After the event, I approached and tried to woo her, at first she declined, just as usual with “women and their playing hard to get attitude”. However, she later accepted to give me her digit after a little persuasion. I became glad after all, as that seems to mark the beginning of a love history with this pretty damsel, Even though she was yet to accept my proposal. Days rolled into weeks and weeks into month and fortunately, she finally accepted to date me. I thought it was going to be a fling with no sentiment attached….but hell no!!! I was totally wrong as I find my self fallen head over heels in love with this babe… I gave her all the attention she needed, communicates with her on daily basis via calls, chats, and sensational text messages.supports her financially.of course, I made sure she never lacked anything. but amidst of all this, she never reciprocated my love.she picks my calls whenever she likes, she replies my chat whenever she deemed it necessary to And each time i complain, she insults and calls me ” a nag”. To me, she was my priority, while to her, i was only an option. Yet amidst of all this cruel attitude from her i wouldn’t let go because i was needy and already emotionally attached to her…more like an obsession. And you know the funny aspect? She only acts cool and caring towards me whenever she needs financial help from me which I never hesitate to grant her because i thought that with time, she would start considering reciprocating my love owing to the caring attitude I constantly bestowed upon her. Little did I know that she never loved me and would never do she was only using me to satisfy her selfish desire.

The bitter truth

I soon realized my mistakes and got back to my senses and vowed never to impress any Lady with money again.

Listen young man, is either she loves you or not. Stop trying to impress her with your money… True love can never be bought with money. If the only time she remembers you is when she needs something, then you will be saving your self a lot of heart ache and emotional trauma by getting out from such relationship.

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