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4 reasons why Love is not just enough

Love is not just enough is a detailed article explainning while love alone wouldn’t make a happy relationship. But tolerance understanding and trust.

Some couples started off good, with lots of spark and mutual feelings for each other intact. Often got admiration and envy from people. Had a very strong bond which surpasses that of blood relations. But all of a sudden, they began living as strangers, the once admired spark and intimacy vanished into thin away. Break up’s and divorce suddenly became the next sought for. There was no fights, then what actually went wrong?

Love is like a money

This is a question a lot people often ask on regular basis. On discovering that their relationship suddenly became bored and wiered after the honey moon phase. Where are all those promises of being together forever through thick and thin? Does it mean they were all scam? I’m sure you are probably asking the same question right now. But, Before I give you an answer, let me start up with this illustration.

You need more than money

Money is essential when planning to build a house right? As a matter of fact, it is a major factor to be consider before mapping out your plan.

But inspite of its vitality, money alone can never breed a well built and furnished apartment. Except you opted for renting or buying. But if you are planning to start from the scratch, a lot of other things needs to be put into consideration such as raw materials (sand, cement and blocks) the service of an engineers and team of builders which would enable the building get to its climax.

Just like money, love is very vital, But needs to be sustained by some other factors. Love is an emotional feeling which comes as a result of being attracted to someone for one reason or the other. It is natural to fall in love with someone.

But often times, it is quite difficult to get the love sustained and have it last for a very long time. Am sure with this brief explanation, I’ve answered your question on why a relationship which started off good suddenly turned out bored. It all boils down to the fact that couples only got into the relationship as a result of their mutual feelings alone.

They had no other ingredients sustaining the love. They knew nothing else about them selves aside the fact that they were in love. And because love is not just enough to sustain a relationship, they usually end breaking up with each other. Imagine a house without any property? Not even a bed to lay one’s head, How would you live comfortably? Being in love is just like having a roof under your head. But there are other properties needed in building that to get you sustained. This indicates that love is not just enough to sustain a relationship.

This can be numerated as follows.


It is easy to fall in love, but it takes .tolerance to remain in the same love.

A lot of couples couldn’t make it as soon as the honey moon phase was over because they are ignorant of each other’s flaws, they were so overwhelmed with the intimacy and were carried away by their estacy feelings without considering for other vital qualities. And soon as their partner began displaying their attitude, they got fed up and threatened to quit. Love attracts two heart, But tolerance keeps them glued to each other. When you have feelings for someone, but can’t condone their attitude.

There is every tendency that the relationship won’t last for long Because love is not just enough to sustain a relationship.


For relationship to excel, both couples need to come in terms with each other. It takes two to tango.

When a relationship lacks understanding from both couples, they tend disagree on everything. Pick quarells on irrelevant issues and fight each other on a regular basis. For instance, One party wants to do things in a particular way he/she chose. while the other would rather prefer it to be done in his/herown way. Resulting to conflicts. Another instance is having to compare your partner with some other people, which makes them feel hurt and might in turn lead to break up.

But understanding entails accepting them the way they are, helping them to get over their weakness rather than compell them to behave like someone else. You love people by tolerating and understanding their weakness point. and not by developing feelings For them because love is not just enough to sustain a relationship.


When two lovers begins to suspect each other’s movement, insecurity sets in, which may lead to break up. Insecurity is one of the red flags that tends to destroy a relationship so fast. an insecure person often lives in doubt, gets paranoid easily. He/she lacks a settled mind.

And for that reason, may find it difficult to concentrate on their relationship. You can’t claim to be in love when you have doubts about your partner, you can’t claim to be in love when you ain’t transparent with your partner. Trust is earned, for a relationship to strive well, is necessary that both couples gives each other benefits of doubt at all times. They shouldn’t create room for suspicion.