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How to connect with emotionally distant partner




Emotionally distant partner
How to connect with an emotionally distant partner

Emotionally distant partner can make a relationship become so stressful and uninteresting because you can only be bonded with your partner when you are emotionally connected with them.

They will make you  beg virtually for everything including their attention.

They seems unavailable especially at trying  moments in your life when you may need them to be much  closer to you.

You can imagine how it feels when you are emotionally down, and you chose to confide in a close friend or a relation. With the hope to find solace in their arms.

But unfortunately, they seems unavailable.  They couldn’t give you that    listening ear you yearned  for at that moment.

Such feelings could be so daunting. The excruciating pains emerging from such experience often feels like one who has been pierced by a sharp object. You will be so overwhelmed with the feelings of neglect and disappointment.

Emotions are so sensitive, if you really want infuriate pain into someone’s heart, the best way is to get them  down with their emotions.

This is why  having emotionally distant partner is one of the  Red flags in a relationshipin a relationship.

One of the basic reason why we venture into a relationship is to have that special one who we could share our happy moments as well as sad moments with them. The one who could easily detect our moods at various moments even when we are yet to utter a word.

The one who can gaze  at you and be able to identify your countenance. When all these signs are missing, then it is obvious you are dating an emotionally distant partner.

Signs of emotionally distant partner.

They are always busy.

Have you ever been in a relationship and yet still feel lonely?    No regular communications,  no signs of commitment.

You have to plead before your chats could be replied, you have to nag before your calls get answered.  they hardly visits, you have to send several notifications  prior to the day of visit, if at all you are allowed to visit.  You always get the  line ” Am busy now, I will call you back later”. Which they never does.

This is one of the obvious signs that you are dating an emotionally distant partner. Is either  they are busy or acting busy. Now the former can be normal, but only needs to learn how to  handle their job and relationship  simultaneously, in other to adjust in both. While the later, has only one purpose. To fan his/ her ego and show off their relevance.

They are physically present but emotionally absent.

These set of people can be with you physically, they can spend lot of time with you. But may not be patient enough to give you an audience.

They are only interested in having a physical intimacy with you, they just want to subdue their sexual arousal.  And once that is achieved, nothing else matters to them. They only call when they desire to be with you.

They don’t care about what is bothering you or what you might be passing through. Even when you disclose your burdens to them, they will only sympathize with you at that moment, and they may never check on you to inquire about it again. When you remind them, they will claim to have how can you -talk-to-partner-who is-emotionally-distant?




How to connect with Emotionally distant partner.


I know I really shocked you by mentioning communication. It would have been more easier to tell you to retaliate by ignoring them and acting like you don’t care as a way to pay them back .however, is not always right to complain about your relationship issues when you’ve not talked to your partner about it.

Before taking any decision in a relationship, is good to first discuss the issue with your significant other to ascertain their reason.

Give them that respect and benefit of doubt. It is only after then you can decide on your next line of action assuming there is no adjustment after that.  In some cases, he/ she might be the  workaholic  type. They might not really be aware that their unavailability is affecting you emotionally.

They might be not aware they are hurting you.pour out your feelings first, before drawing your conclusions.

Avoid nagging about it

So many people assume that if they don’t nag, their opinions might not be taken into consideration.

But unfortunately, nagging does not proofer any solution. Rather it does the opposite. Communication is quite different from nagging.

Communication means to speak up. While nag means to complain. The later seems like you are pestering someone ‘s life. As tempting as it maybe, avoid nagging at this period. You’ve communicated to  them, fine!! The best is to sit back, relax and watch if they would adjust. If they don’t, there is a better way to get back at them via their emotions. That will be our next point of discussion.

Use the Reverse psychology.

This works perfectly especially for people being emotionally distant towards you  with the purpose of feeding their ego in other to achieving relevance. How does this works? Before you can use Reverse psychology, you must be able to hold back your emotions and put it under control.

Just Like the name implies. ” Reverse” which literally means to turn down their expectations by doing the opposite of what they expected you to do. Now what do they expect you to do? Yell, sob , plead and nag endlessly. With that they’ve achieved their aim.

But if you can control your emotions at this time and be strong, rather than all the mentioned, withdraw your self emotionally from them too. Act like you don’t care, but don’t over do it. If they still love you, they will notice your absence  and might come  drooling back to you, when they realize that you’ve gat no time to nag about their negligence towards you.

By then, their aim of being emotionally available to you might have been defeated. Now they will be much concerned about not losing you. Reverse psychology only needs a strong heart and emotions. Don’t let your emotions ruin everything.






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