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How to overcome sexual abuse and molestation


Sexual abuse and molestation
Sexual abuse and molestation.


Sexual  abuse and molestation has become so common in our society today as a result of the high rate of immoral decadence and misplaced values.

Most victims of sexual molestation and abuse end up becoming emotionally traumatized for a prolonged time. While some never gets healed of the experience. They tend to live with the stigma, hurt, betrayal and fear for the rest of their lives. Which can affect their self esteem and perception about life.

Now our main focus is not on how to prevent the menace, but on how to overcome the stigma and trauma affected with the incident.

it is no news that a lot of people are struggling to let go of this memories. The pains and agony associated with it is like that of loosing a loved one. It pierces through the bone marrow, And bruises the ego.

A lot of rape victims still have that fresh memory of having their pride forcefully taken away against their wish .

They screamed and yelled yet they couldn’t get the protection they needed. Some were threatened never to talk otherwise they might risk loosing their life in the process.
Some were scared of speaking out for fear of getting social stigmatization and mockery.
No one understood the pains they pass through on daily basis.

Most times,we lay our blames on the victims tagging their lifestyle and mode of dressing  as the reason why such misfortune befell on them forgetting the culprit who committed the crime. by so doing, we might be unknowingly denying them the justice they deserve.

Sexual abuse and molestation  does not just affect the worth and ego of an individual. But also affects the mindset and self personality.

Sexual abuse and molestation
Sexual abuse and molestation

Psychological effects of sexual molestation on its victim


A lot of rape victims has turned to become bitter individuals in their relationship with others and society. Their mindset towards the opposite sex had changed automatically as a result of their ugly experience. They always assume that every male gender is like their rapist hence the hatred and bitterness.
Such hatred has affected a lot of relationships and trust.

Lack of trust

Trust is a very sensitive and essential quality.  Once broken, it might be quite difficult to regain. The ability of any relationship or marriage to thrive well is dependent on the level of trust between both parties. Unfortunately, people who had undergone physical abuse via sexual molestation may find it difficult to love and trust again.

The violent escapades they once encountered in their life had affected their trust level. They believe in the quote. ” once beaten”, twice shy. To them everyone is a threat  and so shouldn’t be trusted. You wouldn’t blame them though. After all, it takes an experience to loose trust. But such mindset has an adverse effect in the long run. As it would make it difficult for them to identify true love when one surfaces.

In that case, they might end up loosing the one who was truly meant for them out of fear.


When an individual has a trust issue, insecurity will definitely set in every now and then.  Insecure  people often get unnecessarily paranoid .

such fear leaves them with an imaginary scene of rejection and hurts. Their minds are always filled with negativity.

Insecurity is a negative trait in life. It has affected a lot of relationships and being sexually molested can leave one with such trait.

Chronic depression.


Depression is one of the major effects of sexual abuse and molestation.  the feelings of hurt and betrayal can make one become depressed for a very long time and Overcoming  such depression is one of the biggest challenges of the victims of sexual  abuse and molestation and the reason for this post. Most victims became depressed after the experience and trauma, thus hindering their healing process and making it to linger. When depression becomes prolonged, it affects the mental state of individual and thus might reduce their chances of ever moving on from the trauma. And our focus now is on how to prevent such likely occurrence.

Have you been sexual molested or currently undergoing such at the moment? Are you still stuck with the trauma and you are struggling to let go of the memories? Has your bitter experience turned to a chronic depression?Then This article is meant for you. Is time to let go and set your self free.  Here are some tips in recovering-from-rape-and-sexual-trauma

How to overcome sexual abuse and molestation trauma

Admit the fact that it is a past

One of the challenges of rape victims is accepting the fact  that the incident took place in the past.

The memory seems unforgettable to them. Each day they woke up, it seems like the memory was refreshed. They wished it was a nightmare, they still find it difficult to admit the fact that it actually happened.  And this is why healing from the trauma seems to be taking so long.

Accept the fact that it has happened and there is nothing you can do about that. Though not always easy, it takes so much courage and with determination, is quite possible. The past is like a stumbling block to the future. This is why you ought to get rid of it. Focus on getting over it.


See it as one of the challenges you ought to overcome in life.

Life is never rosy. It has never been easy from the onset.

Life is full of several up’s and down, yet we struggle to survive not because it was easy, but because surviving is a core necessity hence we need to  achieve it against all odds. what saves us from  drowning from our challenges is learning how to overcome them.

Don’t let your  experience from the past become part of you. Strive to get over the bitterness. Strive to  Defeat that thought and status quo.

Don’t give up on your dreams, create a new version of you.

This is one common attitude of people suffering from trauma as a result of sexual abuse and molestation.

They assume their life is over and they’ve lost it all. Hence they put a pause to their dreams and ambitions.

I just want to assure you that nothing has to stop you from achieving your dreams in life except “YOU”. I understand the bitterness and trauma associated with such experience, but Don’t get stuck with the stigma for the rest of your life. Loosen up and set yourself free.

Do not let any factor interfere with your success. The truth is that you can actually utilize that experience to your advantage by making your life adventurous.  A lot of people had gone through that experience and yet came out stronger. Some others got their motivations from it. Get solace and learn   from great  people like Oprah_Winfrey  who had similar experience at a very tender age,  but never gave up on their dreams. Rather their experience reshaped who they became today.

Talk to someone.

Some sexually abuse victims finds it difficult to get over the trauma because they lack the courage to open up and thus they got stuck with the stigma for the rest of their lives.

A problem shared can sometimes alleviate the hurt and trauma associated with it. If you are suffering from chronic depression  as a result of the trauma, you can see a psychologist.  isolating yourself from others will often remind you of your past experience hence delaying your healing process. You need to break free by socializing with friends. Get your self busy too. An idle mind creates an avenue for several negative thoughts.





















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