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4 steps In getting your partner’s attention


4 steps In getting your partner's attention 1
Getting your partner’s attention


Getting a  partner’s attention is becoming a rocket science this days especially as relationship has deviated from what it use to be in  the past. Attention which is one of the core ingredients and most sought after quality by many is becoming so rare to get.

And the question is what could be the reason for that? Considering the  fact that attention does not really cost a dime, it only requires one’s time and commitment. So many folks complain of money being a hindering factor of their inability to woo a lady and start a relationship .

But yet when they are with one who isn’t materialistic, they still neglect their role which is making out time for the one they claim to love.

Aside relationship, Attention is very necessary in every individual’s life. It denotes value and level of importance. One have toward something. Even infant knows the importance of attention and that’s why they often yell and cry whenever their guardian leaves them unattended to.

Imagine you saw an advert concerning a job vacancy, as a job seeker, you courageously walked in to the office to submit your credentials with the hope of being considered for the job, as your academic qualification met their requirements.

You got to the receptionist, but unfortunately, you were told that the boss was too busy, that you had to wait. You politely inquired of how long you would have to wait, but no one gave you reply. You decided not to give up, you waited, but unfortunately, after waiting for so long,

you decided to leave feeling so disappointed and frustrated. At that moment, your goal had been altered as a result of lack of attention.

Also imagine teaching or passing out a vital information to a group of people, only to discover that none of them were paying attention to what you were saying. Which indicates they had no interest in your lectures. Feels bad and discouraging right? This is to show how vital the word “attention is”.
Similarly, lack of attention in relationship can sometimes denote lack of interest.

Everyone desires to have that special partner who  gives them audience, have interest in what he/she does and listens to their jokes no matter how dry they may be.

Women craves for attention more due to the Emotional differences In men and a matter of fact, this is one essential factor which makes her believe she tops the list in his priority.

It is one factor this had turned a lot of women into nag, especially when they are dating a Workaholic partner. But do you know that you can get your partner’s attention without being seen as needy and desperate?

Do you know you can have your partner’s attention without having to nag them about it severally.

To every challenge or what may seem like a challenge, there is always solution, and the solution may not be far fetched aside knowing what to do and adopting discipline towards it.

How to get your partner’s attention


 Being Self dependent .

Being self dependence is one practical way to get your partner’s attention. No matter how intoxicating the love is, no one desires to have a clingy partner, one who could barely do anything on their own without having to wait for their partner.

Being self dependence is an admirable trait. Every guy needs that man who can make her decision without having to wait for anyone to toss them around. It shows you can handle a lot of responsibility in marriage, even in the absence of your spouse. Being self dependence naturally attracts most men.

4 steps In getting your partner's attention 2

Giving your partner space when they demand for it.

This  is another effective way of getting your partner’s   attention.

A lot of folks can stop asking the question, what does he mean  when he demands for space?  But pay attention, Desiring for space in a relationship is not abnormal or absurd.

It doesn’t always denote lack of interest, even though it does in some instances. There are times when people might seek for space and time in other to handle their challenges and focus especially when they are experiencing difficulties in some areas of their life. I know it could be daunting and hurtful, whenever you hear your partner utter such statement,

however, your attitude and the way you handle such scenario will determine how long  the space would linger. If you continue nagging life out of him, be rest assured that he might pull away further.

But respecting his decision would hasten the tendency of getting  His/her attention back. Except in a case where they had  lost interest in the relationship.

Being in charge of your emotions.

Is not always easy to ignore one’s emotion, especially in a scenario where you are emotionally attached to your partner, only to discover that they are gradually drifting away.

But then, you have to work on your emotions. Do not always show you are emotionally vulnerable.  Most people will definitely  take advantage of that  fact.

Build yourself mentally even when you are emotionally down.  It attracts self respect and of course undivided attention from your partner.

Avoid nagging

Do you wish to get your partner’s attention,  then you must avoid nagging for whatever reason.

Nagging is a negative traits and a great turn off to most peeps.  Nagging reduces one’s self worth.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with laying your complaints about a behavior or something you ain’t comfortable with. But there is everything wrong with doing that repeatedly.

Fine you’ve told them about their negligence,  is left for them to adjust if they value you.  And the best is to give them time  to do so,  I. e if they wish to.  Turning your self into a nag will definitely make things worse as  no one likes to be pressurized to do something,  even if they desire to do that.


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