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How to be Self dependent and happy.


Self dependent and happy
Self dependent


Being Self  dependent and happy is one of the attributes that defines a champion or one willing to live up to his/her dreams.

But yet comes with lots of challenges.  Just like the saying goes,  no man is an island,  it is natural to crave for companionship,  friendship and relationship.  We all want to experience that special feelings of having someone around who by all indication have our interest at heart.

We all desire to have that caring friend  who comes to our aid in times of need,  we all desire to have that close relation who wouldn’t mind sacrificing their time and finances just to ensure we are happy and have our problem solved.  But what happens then if they eventually walks out from your life?

What happens if they suddenly woke up one day,  and to your greatest amazement,  comes up with an excuse of why they could  no longer render help to you,  thereby leaving you with the feelings of disappointments and resentments.

What happens if they suddenly grew cold toward you,  keeps their distance and tries to avoid you in other not to be bothered any longer?

What will you do in such scenario? Hang yourself? Give up on your self?yell on top of your voice?quit your dreams? Or sob till you get weary? Well if any of these could prefer solution,  I think a lot of persons would have had their problems solved.

The only constant thing in life is change.  We have to come to the realization that no one stays in our life permanently.humans are unreliable,   Your friends and relatives are human capable of disappointing you.  They can fail you despite their promises,  they can leave you amides of confusion and brokenness, they can leave you pondering if they actually existed in your life?they can desert you at that very time you needed help the most.

This is why every individual ought to be self reliable.  You have to practice how to be self dependent and happy.  Is not really easy especially when you’ve always depended on people for one thing or the other, but it is possible and quite achievable.  It only requires determination.

You can actually be self Dependent and happy if you’ve made a strong decision to do so.  I am going to explain some steps you have to adopt in other to achieve that purpose.

How to become self dependent and happy.

Self dependent and happy
Being self dependent and happy


Every activity we do in life requires the application of discipline in other to be successful.

Discipline simply means subjecting ourselves and mind to self control,  forgoing or curbing some flaws or challenges which seems appealing, but stands a chance to become an obstacle to us in the future. do you know that being self dependent is an Addiction.

You can be so addicted to the point that you can’t really do anything on your own without having to rely on someone for assistance.  You can’t even try because you are  already used to requesting for assistance every now and then.

Discipline your mind to do things on your own.  Assume you don’t have any assistance,  even though you have.  Be willing to subject your mind into taking action.  This will help you to be self dependent and happy.

Curbing your fears

Another significant way of becoming self dependent and happy is by learning how to curb your Fears.

Nothing makes an individual so dependent like fear.  Fear is one of the greatest weak point that can interfere with one’s dream and goals in life.  Fear can prevent one from making an attempt in life,  fear can hide one’s ability, potential and competency. Fear can enslave one.

Most times, we are more competent than people we rely on,  but because we are so engulfed with fear,  we may not recognize this fact.  Get up and conquer your fear. It is not easy,  but quite possible and achievable.  Try doing things on your own,  even if it means failing,  even if it means having to repeat it several times.

Practice they say makes perfect,  with time,  you will look back at those memories and be glad you did it yourself and never relied on anyone.  Your legacy will live on,  your children will always be proud of your achievement in the future.

Always Think of disappointments.

Just like Was earlier explained,  human are unpredictable and unreliable.  No one can be trusted at all times.not even your close relations.

Your friends are liable to disappoint you any time despite their promises,  your relatives can fail you at the time you needed them most,  and so there is nothing you can do about that.  Always think of disappointment, even as you are optimistic that they will fulfill their promise, also think of the probability of the later.  This would focus your mind on reality so you don’t feel relaxed and at the end of the day, while being  caught  unawares.





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