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How to handle communication issues in a relationship

Communication issues

Communication issues has always been the bone of contention in many relationships.

The question  about communication is one of the common question and the most raised topic  dominating every relationship platform including search engines.  This is because communication is a great factor that Can ensure a Healthy
relationship.  And so it’s importance cannot be overemphasized.

Such questions as whose duty is it to call regular in a relationship?  He hardly calls but claims to love me? I do the calling all the time but he never reciprocate,  does she love me?  Anytime I call,  he says he is busy and promises to call back. But never does, does he truly love me as he claimed?She hardly replies my chats even when it is obvious that she had seen it,  does she love me as claimed? These are the questions people ask on regular basis which also contributes to  the common challenges people face  as regards to communication in their relationships.

Imagine you have a stressful job,  this job is the source of your income.  But it so tedious  that it gets you tired and weak at the end of the day.

A times you feel like waking up and relaxing at home,  but then the thought of being sacked and having nothing to fall back to stirs up the passion in you to continue with the job,

despite its stress and inconvenience.

The thought of having your needs stare at you with no means of solving them sends cold shivers down your spine.

All these thoughts became your source of motivation.  You had no choice than embrace your job and continue doing it spite its nature.  Is all about sacrificing a pleasure in other to meet up a very essential need.

Similarly communication is an essential need in a is not optional.   It is very necessary.

Despite the difficulty  in maintaining them.    It is one of sacrifices in other to ensure a healthy relationship.  You might be too busy to include effective communication in your relationship.

Your job might be too demanding that you hardly have time  to communicate with your partner.  You might just come home feeling so weak and tired,  and then all you desire to do is to bath,  eat and doze off

But then, just like a job, the thought of loosing a relationship you might have struggled to keep  or invested a lot  in ought to stir up the passion and zeal to communicate.

The thought of loosing your partner I. e if you really love them. to another who is ready to communicate on regular basis ought to inspire you to keep the communication Spark burning.


All these thought ought to make you learn how to balance your love life and goals  in other to create time for your partner.

But unfortunately, a lot of people don’t care about the communication issues and challenges going on in their relationship.

They have practically turned their partner into a nag. Leaving them with the feelings of insecurity and doubts. They will always promise to call but never does, promise to chat but never does, too busy to reply to your messages. No one is happy being in a relationship where he has to force everything. Where every effort has to be from you and not mutual. You complain to talk to them, you complain to see them.

Most times, the complaint is accompanied with excuses, leaving you with the feelings of hurt and rejections.
However,, Communication issue/challenges does not just occur. It is usually caused by some factors which I am going to explain in details.

Communication issues
Communication issues

Communication issues why they occur and how to fix them



When a partner is not into you-


one of the most common reason why communication issues occur is usually when a relationship is one sided.

. We often neglect this a lot and that’s why we keep fighting and trying every possible means to get back a relationship which might have literally ended.

Lack of communication is usually one obvious sign that implies that a relationship has ended or is about to end. Nobody maintains a car which he/she does not value. We try to maintain things despite its cost because of the great value we place on them.

Similarly people maintain communication because they value their relationship and partner a lot.

When they promise to call but never does, it shows they might not be into you as you are into them. When they have lost interest, and there is nothing you can do aside from ignoring them as well.

Bad communication habits.

Naturally, there are people who ain’t so good in talking or even keeping in touch by other means. They find it time consuming.  Such people  might be exhibiting their love in other ways.

They might get you a call card, but never calls. They can get you an expensive gift, but never chats.

They promise to call, but never does. It gets you infuriated, but the truth is that sometimes they don’t this intentional. I understand we all love that feelings of having your partner wake you up with heart warming messages which keeps you active for the day.

However, we should also know individual varies in the way they express love.

Talk to them about it. It is relationship and you are meant to be Transparent with your feelings by communicating to  your partner. by being transparent about your feelings,  you are not only solving communication issues,  but also erasing every form of doubts and insecurity you have for your partner.

Reaching out too often

One of the reason why you might be having Communication  issues in your relationship might be because you often reach out. Absence they say makes the heart grow fonder.  No matter how much you’ve missed them,  don’t always make it obvious.

Sometimes give them that space to miss you and reach out first.  You might be killing the spark in the relationship and the vibe in them by excessive communication.  You ought to keep your Communication level moderate.

Avoid the habit of calling your partner more than twice,  except is a case of emergency.  Anything aside that spells desperation. They will always call back later if they wish to.  When they  say they will return your calls later,  please exercise patience and give them a benefit of doubts.  Don’t bug them with calls at every intervals .  Wait till they call back.

Stop making the relationship your effort alone,  give them that space to input their own effort as well.  With that,  you will know if they are actually into you or not.



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