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5 signs he is ready to propose.




Is he ready to propose?
5 signs that he is ready to propose.


Is he ready to propose? These question often throws a lot of women into a state of curiosity whenever it is asked.  Knowing if a man is ready to propose is one of the greatest challenge  for every woman in a  long term relationship

This is because men and women often have a different view and perception as regards to dating and relationship.

For instance, A man can date without much emotional strings attached. But  just for the fun he tends to get at that moment. Hence, there wouldn’t be any form of  commitment.

On the contrary, for women is often different. When a woman   takes a decision to be in a relationship, she often ventures in  with the intention of building a long term relationship that will lead to marriage. With this mindset, there is always an expectation for commitment from her significant other. And when she doesn’t get that, she might begin  to question the authenticity of the relationship. The only exception to this are  commercial sex hawkers, who  only needs flings as a means of survival.

No woman would like to have her time wasted in an unfruitful relationship. And this is why majority would endeavor  to have their  relationship defined  to avoid future regrets.

But unfortunately, our society often seeds such as desperation. When a lady begins to ask about the future of her relationship. She is often tag as “desperate”.

Another vital way in which the perception and mindset of women differs  as regards to relationship is in societal pressure. For instance,  A man is expected to marry at any age as long as he has attained financial freedom and psychologically ready.

On the contrary, it is different for women. Her biological clock is tickling. A woman is expected to marry at a certain age bracket especially at  her reproductive age. Because once she attains menopause, the chances of having a man propose to her  becomes slim to none.

All these factors contributes to the reason why women attach so much relevance to marriage, unlike their male counterpart.  The societal pressure becomes so much on them. Families, friends and relatives becomes so curious to know when they will  officially be walked down the isle.

Now back to our topic.  How  would you know when a man is ready to propose? Is there any sign that shows that he needs a long term  committement. This question is a bit complicated, it is easier to start listing out some signs that  signifies  that he might want a future with you.

However, in some cases, it is not usually as we presume. Most women have  been misled with some of these mixed signals especially from men who discovered that they were so desperate to get married.  A lot had fallen victims to players and men who only desires to have flings with no strings attached.

Nevertheless, there are most vital signs every woman should look out for in a relationship. These signs determines his eagerness and readiness of a man to propose – what are these signs?

Is he ready to propose?
5 signs that he is ready to propose.

Vital signs that he is ready to propose.

He invests  on you.

Investment is a risk adventure and so Nobody will invest their money on things that does not guarantee any future yield.

people often invest with the intention of getting a higher yield or return in the  future. One of the significant sign that a man wants to include you in his future and is  ready to propose is his investment on you. By investment, I don’t mean spending money to get you groceries, or taking you to a summer holiday.

Players equally do this, men desiring a fling or one night stand do these two to lure the gullible ladies.

However, a man who is ready to propose invests on your future, because he is included in your future as well.

He endeavors you have the right career, he wouldn’t mind sponsoring your education to any level, as long as he is financial capable to do so. He will try as much as possible to support your goals and ambitions, and equally help you actualize it .

He looks for a long term benefit

When a man is  ready to propose, he looks forward to a long term benefits in the relationship.

A man who is ready to commit because he really wants to settle down will hardly make sex a condition towards the relationship. As a man with blood flowing through his veins, he will definitely feel bad when denied of sex, but will never end the relationship. This is one of the  significant ways to differentiate between a Real man who wants commitment and a player who just want a fling. While the former will stick around and watch out for other unique qualities, the later will flee.

He gradually  brings you closer to his loved ones.

One of the sign that a man is ready to propose is that he will gradually bring you close to his loved ones.

Note the word ” gradual”.  A lot of men will introduce  you to their family members or friends at the beginning of the relationship , just as a tactics to impress you and  lure you to bed.

They do that a lot especially when they discover that the lady is so desperate to get married. However, a sincere man who really wants commitment wouldn’t be in a haste to do that. He will take his time and be certain you deserve such before taking such bold step because He doesn’t just want to impress you, he wants to the right thing.

Be careful with men who introduces you to their loved ones even without knowing much about you. In most cases,it doesn’t end well.


He does not exclude himself in your challenges

Any man who is ready to walk you down the aisle will always be there for you especially at  your down times.

Sometimes imagine a family challenge, watch how he cares, watch how he remembers. Watch how he listens. All these are very essential. It shows he sees you as a part of his life, and so your challenges should always be a source of concern to him.

He is always sensitive.

A man who is ready to propose to you will always be sensitive especially if he discovers that he has a rival. He will be scared of loosing you and so will try as much as possible to make you feel secured around him.


















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