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5 strategic ways to handle a cheating partner.


How to handle a cheating partner
How to handle a cheating partner


How can i handle a cheating partner? This question often sends cold silver to a lot of folks in a relationship/ marriage. You know why?  No one even  wants to accept the fact that they have a cheating partner.

No one wants to imagine that scenario or picture of being cheated on by their significant other.

Imagining or creating that picture of your spouse  sharing your matrimonial bed with another is so heart wrecking . No matter what, we don’t wish to accept  such tormenting reality and facts. As a man, imagine sharing your territory  with another woman? Imagine having your wife or partner deny you of sex.

Each time you try to touch her, she often resist, claiming to be  too exhausted or not in the mood, only to discover that she is actually cheating on you.  shocking right?? Words alone cannot describe such feelings.

Imagine having a hubby who is  rarely at home or often comes back home. Imagine having a partner who gives you less attention.

Always claiming to be in one business trip or the other. Too busy to communicate. And when he eventually comes back home, he is too exhausted to notice your presence. And the next thing is, he retires to bed like a log of wood.thus increasing the boredom in your relationship/ marriage.

Then all of a sudden, you went through his chat only to discover that his less attention, unavailability and divided attention was as a result of his cheating habit. He was actually giving some other attention while you were being lied to and deceived.

No matter how emotionally strong you are, discovering such shocking news will definitely get you demoralized and shattered . Even though we may not want to accept this reality, but the fact is that we can’t erase it either.

In life, we only have control over our actions, we are only accountable for our own decisions. We can’t really detect for others on how to live their life, no matter who they are to us or the bond we share with them. We can only learn to adapt and adjust to the situation while figuring out the best way to handle it.

It is so sad to imagine that a lot of people who really thought that they got married to the best partner in the world were woken by the harsh realities of life on discovering  that their gold wasn’t actually glittering as they thought. So how can we handle such scenario? In other to handle a cheating partner, we must first realize that cheating is a habit/  addiction.which might take some time to quit. So how can one Handle-a-Cheating-Partner?

5 strategic ways to handle a cheating partner.

Take a deep breath and calm down. 

In other to handle a cheating partner without breaking your relationship/ marriage, you have to apply wisdom. Since we all know that cheating is one of the Top reasons for divorce in most marriages. I know this might not be what you were expecting to hear.

A lot of people might be expecting such statements like scream, yell, confront him etc. But doing this, may only worsen the situation and give him/ her the confidence to cheat more. The first best approach to every situation in life is to take a deep breath and calm down. I know after going through his/ her phone, you might be tempted to yell, confront him in an aggressive way or even smash his/ her phone angrily.

But all this will only worsen the situation. Try to take a deep breath, as that will give you a clear mind to determine your next line of action.

Create a serene environment for communication.

Don’t always be in a haste to  confront them.  This is the mistake a lot of us make, we feel so agitated that we can’t control our temper at that moment.

We tend to overreact which might result to fights. You will end up creating a coarse rather than have your issues resolved. The best approach is to welcome them with all pleasure. Don’t deny him his meal. Serve him as usual, allow him to rest after having a stressful day. And then what next?

Is time for communication

So what do you have to say? This is where a lot of people gets stuck. Being skeptical on what to say and knowing how to handle the issue at this point can be so challenging.

But  whatever happens, try as much as possible to be polite. Remember is a communication and not a court case. Ask them to analyze the relationship/ marriage and tell where you went wrong? Indirectly ask them what their reaction would be if they ever caught you cheating?  Watch their reaction or reply?  With that you are beginning to pass the massage without attracting the attention of your neighbor. Then what next?

Their reactions about it.

After they have realized that you’ve known the truth, what was their reaction about it? Did they   deny? Or did they accept and promise to change? if the former was the case, you might try to prove them wrong by getting enough evidence to back your alleged complaint.

But if the later was the case, then urge them to make a promise that they would never commit the act again. Give them ultimatum and conditions on failure to comply. You must be so observant at this stage. This might be slow but one of the best ways to handle a cheating partner.

Avoid open confrontations. No matter where you see them with their lover, avoid creating a scene.

This is not only an immature act, but also embarrassing.  which will create a bad image to your relationship/ Marriage. And also create  a bad reputation for you both.

Talk to a family member or a counselor.

At this point, the burden might be so heavy on you that you will feel like sharing it to your closest friend or anyone who cares to listen. This might sound like a nice idea, however, you have to be careful on who you relate your family matters to.

Whether you are seeking for a way to handle a cheating partner or whatever challenges you might be having in your relationship/ marriage,  Don’t always allow a third party interference . this is because not everyone actually cares.  If you must talk to someone about it.

Choose a family member who is either related to you or your hubby,  Or a marriage counselor. Both families should have a brief meeting concerning the issue.  From there, you can conclude on what next to do. Either to quit or continue.








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