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Quitting an addiction.

Quitting an addiction. 1
Quitting Addiction

quitting an addiction has never been easy. It takes a lot of proactive measures which might seems difficult in the begining but not totally impossible. addictions are prolonged habits . Some activities are not entirely bad, but when it becomes habitual, it would eventually lead to an Addiction.

A lot of people began a habit reluctantly hoping to quit someday. but unfortunately, later found themselves so stuck in it, and that’s when they realized it has turn to an Addiction. Just like every other challenges in life. Addictions are challenges many people are struggling to stop or seeking for a solution to on daily basis. because if not put to an end may cause a lot of negative effects and damages. This got to show that you a’int alone in this. before explaing some steps in quitting an addiction, lets look at some possible effects of addiction.

Effects of Addiction.

psychological effects.

Quitting an addiction. 2

being addicted to something sometimes is synonymous to slavery, you know how slaves are treated right? Their freedoms are restricted, they have no right or choice of their own despite the urge to express them.

They are owned by their master. No wonder people who are struggling with one addiction or the other are seriously seeking for ways to quit. They want to be free By all means.

They suddenly realized they are in bondage and really needs a way out. and if nothing is being done, some may end up being emotionally traumatized and depressed, which may lead to mental disorder . An example are chronic users of harmful drugs.

physical effects and damages

Quitting an addiction. 3
Quitting addiction..

Addiction leads to physical effects and damages such as chronic illness and death. being addicted to drugs and alchol may cause kidney diseases, liver malfunctioning Which may eventually lead to death. Being addicted to sex and having multiple sex partners can make one vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases.

it alters self control.

addiction makes one lack self control, when you can’t control yourself, you begin to expose yourself to all forms of negative life style which may eventually mar you future and dent your image. 

Quitting an addiction. 4
Quitting addiction

Brings about low esteem.

people who are addicted to something and seriously seeking for solutions to their addiction often finds it difficult to express themselves with others. for fear of being stigmatized they feel inferior among their colleagues.

steps in quitting an addiction.

Admit and identify it.

in other to seek for solution to your problems, you must first admit you have one and identify which one exactly right?similarly, in other to quit an addiction, you have to admit there is one. the desire to quit has to come from you.

And not because you are being compelled to do so. That alone will trigger your zeal and urge to fight it at all cost. But when you keep justifying it, it will be assumed you are okay with it, and so people who may be willing to advise you may not see the need to.

find out the root source

Quitting an addiction can only be made easier when the root course is identified.nobody was born addicted, it usually begins from somewhere. you can’t easily stop masturbation when you have piles of pornographic content stored in your mobile. you can’t stop fornication.

when you often visit sites that shares explicit contents. you can’t stop excessive intake of alchol when your abode is always at clubs and beer parlours or when you keep friends who often drinks themselves to stupor. quitting an addiction is not always easy and fast, but if you can avoid things that often stirs the desire, you are already one step ahead. delete all cotents that drives you to the addiction. cut off every association or friends that does what you are trying to stop. stop visiting places that makes you vulnerable to to your addiction.

Get busy.

an idle mind they said is the devil’s workshop. addiction often comes as a result of the thoughts we habour in our minds. before praticing it. An idle mind creates a room for this thought to be emerging. for you to avoid this, you need to get busy, dont give in room for idleness.

whenever the thought/urge comes up, find something to distract you. Even if you are less busy, pick up a book, engage in a hobby, step out of the house. Just look for a distraction. and within a short time, y’ll discover that the thought has been supressed.

Talk to a counselor

There are expertise in such field willing to guide you. please try and visit them often.remember that no man is an island. their encouragement may go a long way in guiding you through.

you can as well confide in a trusted friend. please avoid bearing this burden alone in other not start developing suicidal thoughts.

Talk to God.

prayer is the ultimate. As you are doing your part, also remember that you a only but a human. you need the Grace of God to complement your human effort. otherwise, your effort will amount to nothing.

Give it time.

Even after applying all the methods as mentioned above, you may see yourself still struggling with the addiction. i’ve seen a lot of friends complain of this. .don’t take it hard upon yourself .just chill and give it time. it is usually bit by bit till you are able to stop it entirely. You may also like to read

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