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5 Essential qualities to look out for in a partner. .


5 Essential qualities to look out for in a  partner. . 3




What are the essential qualities to look out for in a partner before venturing into a  a committed relationship? This is a very sensitive question that shouldn’t be ignored by both genders.  One of the reason why people fall out of love is usually because  they rushed in too quickly without taking some vital things into considerations.

They were   so carried away by abstract features which most times, doesn’t really matter much especially  if they have  the plans of moving the relationship to the next level. We all have our individual preferences  in a potential mate, we all have the qualities we wish to have in a partner. However,  our qualities may be right, as they are our personal choice. But there are “essential qualities” which can be translated as scale of preference. Implying that we have to choose from the most vital to the least vital. Except you are considering having just a  fling with no strings attached. Your preference in a partner can either make or mar you.

Here is a simple illustration. As human, our desires are insatiable. Even with an average income, we all desire to have comfort in life.  We have the need to drive an exotic cars, live in a very big and comfortable apartment, eat any delicacy of our choice and visit our dream  city.

However, we might not be able to have all this at our disposal. This is where the scale of preference comes in. Since these are desires/ wants, we have to concentrate on our needs. Pending when we become financially stable to meet our wants/ desires.

Similarly, our stereotyped quality in an individual is sometimes abstract and unrealistic. For instance, when asked about the qualities you want in your ideal Man or woman, our list will be endless. We will mention both the physical/ facial  attribute and inbuilt attribute. Tall, good shapes, nice curves, slim/ chubby body, macho body, big boobs, ass, flat tommy, good accent, smart, intelligent, humble and a sense of humor.

These are all good as we crave and anticipate for them. But the sad news is this, we may not see all in one individual, and this is where the bone of contention  lies. And in the bid to achieve all these, we might unknowingly pick unnecessary quality as our priority,thus leaving behind the vital ones which is  meant to guarantee our happiness forever.. This is where the need to spot out and choose the essential qualities amongst  the listed above comes into consideration.

So what are these essential qualities? How can you identify them? Let’s discuss.

what are the things -to-look-for-in-a-partner?


Essential qualities to look out for in a potential mate. 


At the mention of “submission”, every focus goes to the female gender. But the truth is that,,in marriage, submission is not gender based. For a relationship/ marriage to thrive, both couples need to submit to each other in love.

Submission here refers to respect. God instructed  women to be submissive to their husbands, but he didn’t stop there,  he went ahead to admonish men to love and respect their wives.

This implies that submission is one of the essential qualities needed for a relationship to thrive well. Imagine getting married to a woman who talks to you in a rude manner and talks back at you at any slightest provocation probably because she earns more than you. Or getting married to a man who assumes that he has the right to treat you the way he pleases because he is the head of the family.

These are little but major qualities we often overlook which tends to pose a big problem in the long run.  A lot of couples are living in a house rather than home. Now what’s the difference between a house and a home. A house is just a physical structure which can easily accommodate everyone including strangers. Whereas, a home is an abode made up of people who have similar interest and shares mutual connections.

A lot of men no longer have the desire to come back to their family after having a stressful day at home. They would rather hang out  with their friends, Because their home has suddenly turned to a house as a result of a disrespectful and non non-  submissive wife.

Most women  have lost the joy in their marriage,as a result of a hubby who assumes that being a man is a guarantee of acting bossy and becoming authoritative. Couples should love and respect each other irrespective of their age, qualification and social class.

Politeness .

No matter your flare in a relationship, don’t forger to include  politeness to it.

First impression they say matters a lot. The first impression they gave you on your first approach to them speaks a lot about their character.

Don’t get carried away by pretty face or curvy shape. Am certain that you don’t want a partner who talks to you  in a provocative way or a partner  who finds it difficult to use the word ” am sorry”.


In all your criteria in searching for a potential mate, don’t forget to include humility.

It is one of the essential qualities you must not overlook. A humble man/ woman is always keen and ready to admit his/ her fault and takes correction where necessary.  He/ she talks less but listens more. They are ever ready to  learn and broaden their knowledge, rather than remain static, they tend to be dynamic by being humble to learn and adjust.

On the contrary, arrogant   individuals rarely opens their mind to learn. They feel much comfortable with their personality and way of life. Everything they do seems perfect to them,   hence are not willing to adjust

Economically fit.

No matter how financially stable you are, if your wealth or source of livelihood, ain’t managed appropriately, it may vanish right before your eyes. Every man needs that woman who can manage his wealth and help him achieve more, rather than waste the little he has. As a responsible man aiming to attain an enviable height, you don’t need a wasteful or a  materialistic woman.

Now how can you identify a materialistic woman? Watch out her reaction on a first date. Does she make a descent order? or

Does she order like a glutton without considering your financial capability? How often does she make demands? How much does she need to buy groceries.

These are the things you ought not to overlook as it might become a huge problem in the future.

Essential qualities in a partner
Essential qualities in a partner.


Emotional maturity

Another essential quality you must not negelect is emotional maturity.  How emotionally mature are they in handling sensitive issues especially that which has to do with your relationships?  Are they ready and patience to settle  issues  amicably with you? Or will they always invite a third part. Can they cope during challenging times? These are the questions to ponder.





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