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6 steps in Overcoming trying moments in life


Overcoming trying moments in life

Trying moments in life is inevitable as life itself is unpredictable. Is every individual’s desire to have a stress free life. Is every individual dream to have their dreams and visions in life fulfilled. But unfortunately,  life does not always give us what we requested for.  At this juncture,, we may have no other choice than to accept it while working and hoping for the best.

Trying moments in life could come in  various forms ranging from financial instability, ailments, loosing of loved ones,  crisis in relationship/marriage, unemployment, loss of job  and so on. The list is endless, but these are the major and the most common reason of so many challenges people undergo in life.

Just like the saying goes,  he who wears the shoe knows where it hurts the most. You may not understand what they are going through if you haven’t encountered similar experience.


It is so easy to counsel them,  issue advise or instructions,  judge them or tell them what they could have done to avert the situation. but then, realistically is not always easy as portrayed.

just like a woman undergoing marriage crisis and emotional abuse.  Everybody will keep screaming get a divorce,  the society will keep blaming her for not getting a divorce considering the fact that her life is at risk, if she continues to stay in such marriage.  However,  no one would understand the pains of getting separated in a marriage/relationship where you might had probably invested a lot.  Especially when kids are involved.  No one understands the psychologically and emotional trauma associated with divorce.  Divorce might really be the best decision in some scenario however,  only the one about to make such decision knows and understands how difficult it is.

Trying moments in life can lead to  depression..  A depressed mind needs words of encouragement in other to have their hopes revived. But unfortunately,  depression a times comes with pessimism and the feelings that all hope had been lost.

This is why most depressed people often resort to suicide. 1 out of 10 individual’s commits suicide annually.  In some rare cases,  depression can also Lead to Mental disorder.  Not every insane person on the road is actually mad.  Some emerged as a result of frustration.

Having known  what trying moments in life entails and it’s psychological effect.  The next question is,  how we can overcome it? How can we cope when we unfortunately find ourselves amides  of storms and challenges of life?

4 steps in Overcoming trying moments in life.

Believe in yourself

this is similar to the saying “tough time does not last but tough people do. There is one remarkable features about tough people that distinguishes them from their counterparts. And that is the fact that they are always optimistic.

They don’t give up easily. They hardly believe is over. And that’s why they keep striving rather than contemplate suicide. Their toughness is borne out of the fact that they have much confidence in themselves. No matter how intense the storms of life is. They are ready to walk through. Such people keeps the hope alive even when they loose their job.

And that is why you often see them bounce back again and might even become self employed. It might only take time, but their dreams never dies. Some storms in life requires nothing than believing in yourself while hoping for the best. Examples of Such storms are  loosing a job and financial instability.

Be positive minded

Negativity often breeds negative thoughts like suicide. I’ve often heard a lot of people use the phrase “i am finished”. I am very certain they really don’t know the meaning of such statement.

Because if they do,,they wouldn’t have uttered it. finish literally indicates an end toward something, it also indicates lifeless. That implies that you’ve unintentionally declared yourself lifeless even while you are still life. Are there people who had passed through similar situation and came out stronger? Then assure yourself that definitely you will.

Get motivation from experienced folks

The best source of motivation is the one gotten from experienced people who had probably gone through similar experience and still pulled through.

This is because such motivations is more practical than theoretical. It is real and contains useful guide that will enable the seeker of such motivation to overcome his/her own trials.

When you are passing through certain challenges,it is common to assume that you are the most unfortunate human on earth. But when you look around or read some motivational articles, you will find out that yours is minor as compared to what  others might have undergone. This would definitely make you to feel relieved and optimistic. It would also help to calm your nerves as you continue to push.

Avoid publicizing your challenges

That you are having issue or challenges in relationship/marriage is not enough reason to make your keep announcing your problem even to those who may not care to listen. A lot of relationship/marriage had been damaged by wrong counsel. In the bid to save your relationship or marriage, you might be unknowingly making it prone to more dangers. This is also applicable to other trying moments in life aside relationship/marriage. If you must seek for advise, endeavor is from the right source.

Be consistent

Nothing drives passion and motivation than seeing the result of your endeavors. It induces hard work and the passion to be more committed.

However, that may not be guaranteed at all times. There are times when things might not be going the way you wished them. There are times when your effort might not correlate with your handwork.

This is another trying moment in life. and if you are not careful enough, you might be tempted to quit at this point. but always remember that every road to success is not always smooth. a times one have to pass through so many pot holes before getting to the destination. . Before achieving your dream. To every glory, there is always a story.



overcoming-lifes-difficult-moments has never been easy, but prayer can be very effective at such time.

I know how depressing it can be to experience trying moments in life. Sometimes, you feel frustrated and weak to pray.

No matter how difficult it is, never relent in prayers. You might have worked tiredly, labored so much but all to no avail. The best is leave the rest for God to handle since you’ve done your part. Soon you will be surprise at the outcome.





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