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Coping with trying moments in relationship?

Trying moments in a relationship
Trying moments in relationship
Trying moments in  relationship can be a very difficult moment for both partners.  Hard times can occur for several reasons ranging from financial restraint,    incompatibility misunderstandings,  fights,  lack of trust and constant arguments .  All these are inevitable and can occur at any given point.  They are not uncommon.  This is why relationship are far from perfections.

A healthy  relationship doesn’t consist of perfect couples,  but imperfect couples who truly feels perfect for each other,  even though they are both striving towards perfection.  In other words,  they feel fulfilled around each other despite each other’s flaws.

You see some couples and wonder if  they’ve ever had  any differences in their relationship?you see some relationship and wonder if there had ever been any misunderstanding, arguments or fight among the couples?  Probably because of the way they display their affections in public, we envy them while silently wishing that our relationship could be like their’s.  In public they seem so perfect,  but in reality,  and behind closed doors reverse is usually the case.

Behind every successful relationship, there are usually couples who strived and fought so hard towards making it a reality.

Behind every enviable relationship, there are usually couples who passed through or maybe currently passing through several moments of trials,  but never gave up.  Rather sought for ways to deal with their trials and still came out stronger than they were.

Trying moments in relationship are like test of love and genuine sincerity.  It is a test couples ought to pass through in other to scale through.

It is a test that will determine the life span of a relationship.  Couples who went through a lot of trying moments during their relationship days and still came out stronger have the tendency of having a successful marriage,  than couples who did not undergo any trying moments in relationship.

This is why we often emphasize on the fact that Love alone does not keep a relationship   .  Because there are times when pressures and trials might seem so intense,  at this period the love no matter how deep and romantic it is might not be too strong to help them pull through.

This is why we the rate of divorce had been on the increase. Most couples who divorced each other didn’t do so because they fell out of love.  But because,  the pressures and trying moment were stronger than the love they thought they had. The feelings were still present,  but they lack exposure and the right qualities that would have enabled them. Scale through.

They relied so much on their love and  feelings.   but unfortunately,  the weight of pressures and challenges could not condone their love.

No matter the  intensity of the trying moment in a relationship,  the good news is that couples can still overcome

Some trying moments in relationship and how to handle them

Coping  with trying moments in relationship? 1
How to handle trying moments in relationships


Financial -restraint

This is an example of trying moments in relationship which can lead to break up and divorce.

Money is a strong factor, which can interfere with a lot in our lives including relationship.

Imagine you were in a relationship with a man who takes care of you, worships the ground you walk on and of course takes care of your financial needs. And all of a sudden, he had a little set back which implies that he may no longer be able to take care of your needs as he used to in the past. What would be your reaction?

To some, the relationship would abruptly end at that juncture, while to others, they might decide to stick with their partners while hoping things would get back to normal.

A lot of marriages had crashed due to the financial set back. Most women would resort to cheating in other to survive as soon as their spouse becomes bankrupt.

However, this issue can be handled when both partners understands that relationship  are not  rosy,  neither are marriages. There could be moments of heavy storms.  They are inevitable, but with understanding and learning from other people’s experience, they will surely scale through.

Career restraint

Despite the importance and vitality of career, it can still pose a threat to a relationship.

Some folks  often have issues with their partner as a result of their demanding job . Some marriage are at the verge of collapsing because some couples no longer make out time for each other or their home as a result of their  Busy schedules and demanding job.

This could be a trying moment in a relationship because if not handled effectively. It might lead to break up or divorce. the kids can equally be affected psychologically and may become a victim of abuse since their parents are so busy to guide and direct them.

I know of a man who demanded that his wife should quit her job because it was so demanding that she barely had time for her family.  Being a career woman,  she bluntly refused.  This became a serious issue that both couples had to split apart.


This can be solved by effective communication and learning how to handle your love life and goals in other to adjust your relationship for the better.

Another trying moment in relationship as regards to career is a scenario where a partner  gets a job in a different town.

Which implies that the other partner needs to relocate in other to be together especially if both are legally married.

I’ve seen couples argue about this and sometimes even break up because they couldn’t reach an agreement as a result of their Ego. The bone of contention in usually who would succumb in other maintain the peace and harmony in the home. At this point, this issue can only  be solved by effective communication, in addition to both partners learning how to curb their EGO. Because  EGO is the only factor which can prompt couples  to break up in such scenarios.


one of the trying moments in relationship is incompatibility.

There are times when relationship might seem so difficult and inconvenient because your partner suddenly became insatiable.

Everything suddenly became different that you begin to wonder if they were actually the same person you fell in love with initially.  You are no more on the same page. One moment they seem like a friend,  the next moment,  they act like an opponent.  Such situations can be Handled by understanding your spouse and learning to accept them for who they are and not who you want them to be.  And by also giving them time to adjust in case they suddenly started behaving in a strange manner.

 constant arguments

Show me couples who had never argued or had any misunderstanding.  And I will tell you couples who keeps mute and often gives each other the Silent treatment.

Often times,  argument and misunderstanding are one of the vital ways of getting to know your partner,  because the more you argue or have a misunderstanding,  the more you learn about your partner’s preference and their dislikes.  People who are related by blood do argue a lot,  so it is not uncommon if couples in love does the same too.

However,  it should have a limitations and should be something that rarely occurs.  Constant arguments and fights denotes  a   Red flags .

This can be solved when both partners talks less and listens to each other more.  Two wrongs they say cannot make a right. the bone of contention in this scenario is usually on who is wrong and who is right.  And the nature of an average man hardly accepts defeat.  Hence the constant arguments.  This can also be solved if partner’s learns how to curb their Ego in other to pave way for peaceful home.

In conclusion, trying moments in relationship can be controlled when couples truly understands themselves,  and are both willing to put in all their effort in other to scale through any trying moment they might be experiencing. Endeavor to apply this techniques in other to sustain your-relationship-when-times-get-tough.




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