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How to deal with being friend zoned

How to handle being friendzoned
How to handle Being friend zoned

Being friend zoned is the worst night mare for individuals desiring to be in an intimate relationship with someone they admire so much. no matter how close they are with the individual,  they can never be fulfilled or satisfied until such friendship develops into an intimate relationship. The worse scenario is receiving  Mixed signal from them.

Raising your hopes, only to realize they were false hopes. Being friendzoned can make one begin to fantasize about an   Imaginary relationship  which does not have a real life existence.

In Imaginary relationship,there is usually a romantic  picture you have in your mind.

You can’t help but wish you were romantically involved with them already. Any sign of closeness to you, is usually misinterpreted as relationship. Thus leaving you in disappointments.

However, We can’t talk about how to deal with being friend zoned, without mentioning some of the signs indicating that you have been friend zoned. You have to first find out if your relationship has moved to the next stage or would definitely end in friendship

Signs of being friend zoned.

How to deal with being friend zoned 1
Being friend zoned

They treat you like a casual friend

One of the signs indicating that you are being friendzoned or have been friendzone by the one you admire is that they often treat you like a casual friend.

No matter how close and intimate you try to be,they ignore the signs. Even when you give them green lights, indicating your interest, they hardly comply simple because they have no  intention of moving the relationship further.


Delay in accepting proposal.

Being friend zoned is often characterized by delay in accepting proposal. Have you ever had a crush, whom you desire to have an intimate relationship with, you’ve wooed them several times, yet they’ve refused to come up with a definite response, it has always been i will think about it.

Several weeks, months and perhaps years had past, and they are still thinking about it, yet you communicate often.

This is a sign of being friend zoned. One who really desires you as much as you desire them wouldn’t hesisitate to say yes to your proposal. I don’t think there is really anything to think about, as long as they are not skeptical about it.

Everything sounds official.

When they often use this phrase “you are like a sister to me” or you are like a brother to me”. It could be a sign of being friend zoned.

They appear too rigid whenever they are with you. They sound more official than intimate or friendly during conversation. They often avoid certain intimate discussion with you so they won’t lead you on.

They are scared of loosing their friendship with you.

Most folks have this mindset that once they develop an intimate relationship with a particular member of the opposite sex, they might loose their friendship with such individual because when you are too close, you may start discovering some flaws in each other which you never knew were in existence.

And so in the bid to avoid that, they try rather keep you in a friend zone rather than date you.

How to handle being friend zoned.

Use the silent method.

There is no crime in approaching someone you admire for a more close and intimate relationship.

But when you notice they are begining to keep you waiting for a very long time, it would be best to ignore them too. I know this will be a way difficult as a result of the curios nature of human.

That curiosity to hear their reply would always make you to pester them into saying something you would love to hear. And when they discover that the pressure is becoming so much, they would  Friend zone you just to have their peace. The best would be to ignore them while giving them some time to come up with their own personal decision.

Accept no when it is necessary

Being friendzoned most times occurs as a result of fear of rejection. The reason why most folks have been kept on a friendzone for long is because they have refused to accept the reply “No”.

And so after much pressures, their crush might decide to keep them on a friendzone so as not to hurt their feelings and also to prevent further pressures from them.  Sometimes, As they are being friend zoned, they might be optimistic, hoping that their crush might change their mind soon, but all to no avail. In other to prevent the hurt and emotional trauma associated with being friend zoned, learn to accept and handle Rejection.  it will help you to  move on quickly and will equally  save you a whole lot of stress. Except they later came up with their own personal decisicion to accept your proposal.

Build your self esteem

With high self esteem, you will  understand the fact that being rejected by someone does/would not lessen your worth.

You will understand that your value is not dependent on the people who rejected you. This mindset would help you a lot not to accept any form of treatment or attitude from anyone including being friend zoned. Is either they say yes or you move on, in other to pave way for the one who might be willing to accept you in the future.









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