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How to maintain celibacy in relationship

Celibacy in relationship

Celibacy in relationship Might seem impossible especially at this age and generation where sex and immorality are regarded as a norm. However, maintaining celibacy is still much possible. despite the societal belief, lifestyle and norm.

The issue of sex, has always been an issue scaring most people away, from keeping an intimate friendship with a member of the opposite sex especially people who want to remain celibate Till marriage. They want to experience that feelings of knowing that someone cares and cherishes them without having to loose their chasitity. Are you still wondering if you can keep a relationship without having to be intimate or loosing your chastity? The answer to this question is “YES. Though it could be challenging but still possible.

These days, is quite disheartning seeing young people who out of naivety gave up their chastity against their will or accept to be used as a sex object because they are afraid to loose their partner.

I’ve seen a lot of young people who out of naivety,got stuck in a sexually relationship not because is their wish, but because they assume no one would date them without having to sleep with them. i think is time we change that status quo. is time we get to understand that sex is not a criteria in keeping a relationship.

is time we have to know that it is possible to enjoy the euphoria and esctacy of having someone who cares a lot about us without having to allow them access to our private parts, it is possible, it is achieveable. But some steps needs to be taken in other to make it possible. And what are this steps?

proven Ways to maintain celibacy in relationship.

Have a mutual understanding with your partner.

i think this is the first step in maintaining celibacy in relationship. You can’t maintain celibacy with a partner whos’e main sole of being in a relationship is for sex. no, it won’t just work. It takes two to tango.There ought to be a mutual agreement between both parties as regards to the issue of sex and celibacy. they have to come into the terms that they won’t be involving sex and would rather seek for other ways to complement each other and share their romantic moments together.

They would also learn how to keep their boundaries in other not to succumb. But if the ideal was initiated by just one party, he/she might likely Succumb soon. don’t wait till he/she makes the move. Tell them your decision the very day you accepted them in your life.

As human, it may not stop them from demanding Of it on the long run, but it will most likely give you a hint of their purpose. with that, they can respect your decision if they really value your friendship.

Set boundaries.

This is the most vital way of maintaining celibacy in a relationship. just like an adage that says to avoid smoke, dont go near fire. in other words, to avoid sex, dont do things that may lead to it. what do i mean?always being too close with each other and involving in intimate activities such as intimate kisses, smooching and caressing of each other’s sensitive part could stir up the emotions that would lead to sex since you ain’t robots but human. There is nothing wrong with displaying little affection for each other every now and then.

However, if you both aint sure of gaining control over it, then there is need to avoid it at all cost.

Romance is not the only way to ignite the spark in a relationship. you can both go out on a date, send each other lovely messages and gifts. complement on each other. Avoid staying in secluded places too.

build a lasting friendship

In other to maintain celibacy, you have to build a lasting friendship with your partner.

The reason why most folks make sex their priority in a relationship is because nothing else excites them. whenever they are with their partner, all they want to do is to kiss, careress and take the clothes off. nothing fuels their passion to be with their partner apart from sex.

They hardly sit down to discuss with each other. They know more of the shape and size of their partner’s sexual organ than their personality.

They get bored easily when there is no sexual escapade going on, because they see each other more like a sexual partner than a friend. when you have built your friendship with your partner. sometimes, you just feel comfortable discussing about each other’s goal and ambitions without getting bored or even thinking about being intimate.

Improve your life

In other to maintain celibacy in relationship, you have to improve on your life. Have you ever heard people say something like. what do i stand to gain in this relationship?

this implies that you really don’t have any other thing to offer to them aside sex. and they wouldn’t hesitate to accept that either even if it is against your wish. For someone to accept to be celibate with you.

You have to show them reasons why they should accept you other than sex. have a unique personaity, work on your attitudes, be creative, be supportive. avoid excessive demands because that’s usually the criteria most men use in other to get a lady laid.

if possible, be independent. if you possess unique qualities, i bet you, he wouldn’t be in a hurry to leave despite your no sex rules. even if he is a sex maniac, he wouldn”t be in a hurry to discard you. No matter how difficult it is, he will surely keep you, if not now, in the future. Nobody discards a good woman all because of sex because they are rare. You may also like to read/why-men-loose-interest-after-sex/

in summary.

Celibacy in relationship is very possible,though challenging, but if approached with the right method is quite achieveable. External information you may also like to

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