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Why am i too emotional and sensitive?

Why am i too emotional and sensitive? 1
Emotional and sensitive

why am i too emotional and sensitive? This question has kept so many people in a devastated state. The more they try to ponder, the more confused they become. You get easily hurt by people.

You react easily to your partner’s attitude. You get paranoid every now and then. You are always too sensitive to notice their lack of attention or negative attitude towards you. you nag at every slightest provocation. You cry over little things, things which meant nothing to others often gives you sleepless night.

Things your colleagues would have ignored in their own relationships makes you sob uncontrollably.

When your partner doesnt pick up your calls, you begin to imagine things in your mind which might not be in existence. you invest all your time and emotions in a relationship, yet your partner doesnt reciprocate.

You see yourself still loving someone despite their hurts, betrayal and attitude towards you. You aint happy about it, but at the same time, you cant just help it.

You keep wondering if you are insane especially on seeing how emotionally strong others are. You keep wondering if there is actually something wrong with you. You aint alone in this.there are many others still asking this same question. “why am i too emotional? So you have to stop blaming yourself.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being emotional and sensitive despite how ridiculuos people sees it or pictures it.

We aint created alike. We all have our individual differences and behavioural make up or trait, in biology It is called Morphological variation. No individual possesses the same trait. Not even identical twins that shares the same placenta.

So in that case, not everyone is born to be emotionally strong or insensitive. However, the difference lies on how we tend to control it. Is not your fault that you found yourself emotionally unstable, but is all your fault when you can’t curb it. is just like “.Anger” .

Some individuals were born to be naturally ” hot tempered”. It wasn’t their fault they found themselves in such situation. But is gonna be their fault if they don”t seek for solution or ways to curtail it.

Some traits are inborn. but is your duty not to allow it control your life. Else it turns to a habit or addiction. You dont have to allow your weakness possess the greater part of your life. That’s why a lot of people try as much as possible to fight their weakness irrespective of what brought about it. Lets look at some reasons and ways to overcome it.

Why am i too emotional and sensitive? 2
Emotional and sensitive.

Three Reasons why you are too emotional and sensitive in a relationship.


overexptation a times often leads to disappointments, anger and resentments. it triggers the sensitivity in you often leading you to nag, worry and sob over things which you shouldnt.

You know that feelings. He should have called me now, why hasn’t he? She Ought to have texted me. why hasn’t she? And before you know what has happened. You starts worrying and loosing sleep. you called, they didnt pick up at that moment. Instead of spacing out time to call back later assuming they were busy or weren’t with their phone at that moment. You begin to develop a negative thought that they are cheating on you. worry and anxiety sets in immediately.

And the next thing will be to bugg them with calls which might irritate them. in other to control your emotional and sensitive nature, first see your partner as an imperfect human bound to make mistakes or disappoint you at any given time. that doesnt mean you shouldn’t trust him/her.but see him as not different from your regular friends or colleagues who can betray you at any time. With that you can always control your emotions.

Creating a picture of Imaginary relationship in your mind.

Why am i too emotional and sensitive? 3

This is the major reason why a lot of people are emotional and sensitive in a relationship.

Before a relationship begins, you’ve already created a lot of pictures in your mind on how you expect the relationship to be probably as a result of what you read or view. and when it doesnt happen exactly that way, you begin to get worked up and emotional for nothing. this affects people who read or view romantic materials a lot.

first i have to remind you that romantic novels or telemundo movies are quite different from what is obtainable in reality. some are fictious and far from reality.

For the fact that you watched a movie where two lovers are displaying their love romantically like Romeo and juliet doesnt necessarily mean that all relationship must be that way. that your friend’s spouse or partner often wakes them up with breakfast on the bed every morning doesn’t imply yours must be similar.

It also doesen’t signify that your partner love you less either. you just have to understand that everyone has their own love language and their own unique ways of expressing their love to their partner.

So stop living in the world of fantasy. don’t get worked up or become too emotional when yours doesn’t happen Like that of your imagined picture.

Also understand that relationship is like a game. There is every tendency and probability of either loosing or wining.just like every other activities we do in life, have it mind that it may or may not work. So you don’t end up being unnecessarily emotional and sensitive.


we know that being emotional and sensitive is inborn, but you also contribute to it by living in assumption.

when a relationship ends, you are expected to grieve over it for a short period or as long as you wish to. then sought for a way to move on by erasing any past memories you had with ex. but when you keep living with the assumption that he/she might probably come back to you.

You are creating a room for emotional instability and sensitivity. When you want them back, you wished they would call, and when they dont, you get angry and frustrated. The best thing is to move on, pretend like they never existed. just allow nature take its course. Not easy though, but is worth it. As it will help you guide your emotions. You may also like /love-is-not-just-enough/

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