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What every woman should know

What every woman should know

What every woman should know is an article aimed at giving women a clear insight about what relationship and marriage entails in other not to fall victims to lies and deceit by men who had no good intention toward them.

Women are known to be the weaker sex, hence more vulnerable than their male counterparts. With their emotional make up, they are more susceptible to hurts and heartbreak. Hence the need to apply caution when dealing with the male counterparts in relationships.

A handful of women fall victims on daily basis with lots of issues ranging from teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and marital pressures.

Also the rate of single parent had been on the increase lately. And the question is? What is the major factor contributing to this societal issues among women and how do we curb it?

Knowing this will go a long way to assist us to understand what every woman should know in relationship and also help us to curb some of the listed problems affecting women in relationships.

What every woman should know
What every woman should know

Here are some vital information  every woman should know about relationships.

Go along with your brains and not just hearts.

Love can be intoxicating especially in the early stages of the relationship. At that phase, emotions seems to be at the peak.

This is the stage where mistakes seems to be inevitable, this is the stage where one especially women needs to apply caution, this is the stage when lies and deceit seems to be at its peak, This is the stage where is quite difficult to differentiate between Love and lustas every thing seems real and true. This is the stage when lies is common  and  women easily succumb to deceit.

However, no matter how intoxicating the emotion seems, is always good to involve your brain and not just your heart.

The heart tells you that everything they do is right even when is obvious you are being subjected to emotional trauma.

The heart tells you to overlook some flaws even when is obvious you can’t condone them, for example he is violent and inflicts domestic violence on you, yet you keep loving them hoping they would change.

Women involves their heart more in a relationship and that’s why they keep getting hurt often.

Be sensitive to know when a man has lost interest.

every woman should know that Men and women react differently to emotion.  Men talk less and act more,  while women talk more and act less. When a man looses interest in a relationship, he means it and might not reverse his decisions.

But  a woman might say her intentions and tomorrow,  she might reverse it.   In addition to that,  a man might find it difficult to  express himself verbally when he looses interest,  but his action speaks more.  You know the relationship is over when they suddenly starts showing signs of negligence such as lack of communications.

Unfortunately, most women ignore these signs and hence they try to force themselves on a man who no longer cares about them.  This is is the major reason why the rate of single mum had been on the increase.  Women imposing themselves on a man who wants nothing but sexual satisfaction.  And at the end of the day the end up as baby mama’s rather than wife.

understand that marriage promises ain’t marriage.

The word “marriage”had always been the common lines most men often use to achieve their selfish motives.with the flare and excitement women often have about marriage,    Most  players use marriage promises to lure their victims.  They use marriage promises to lure the gullible ones who end up being deceived and left with a broken heart.

Women should know that men can be tricky when it comes to marriage.  A man who just want to have a carnal knowledge of a woman can go to any length,  including promising her marriage and doing all sorts things which might indicate his interests toward marrying her.  And at the end of the day,  would still dump her.  Women ought to be careful and not fall for any marriage promise.

Every woman should know that sex is not Commitment

Most women mistaken sex with commitment and that’s why they fall victims to deceit.  A man may decide to have sex with anyone regardless of the absence of emotional connection.  This rightly explains the reason behind the high  rate of unwanted and  teenage pregnancy.


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