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dealing with inconsistent partners.

dealing with inconsistent partners. 1

Inconsistent Partners can be unpredictable. Today they are on, tomorrow they are off. One minute they show some level of commitment, the next minute they begin to act non-challantly.

Initially, your relationship was awesome. They shower you with so much care and affection. But at the moment you want to reciprocate their love,they began to withdraw emotionally. Leaving you with feelings of doubt. They wouldn’t want to commit, but at the same time won’t let you go.

The signs are clear that they are not really into you. But the moment you try to walk away, they will begin to plead and profess their undying love for you. Thus leaving you in a confused state. you are always in a delimma wheather or not to leave or stay. They claim to love you, yet their action speaks otherwise.

Their negligence towards the relationship makes you wonder if they really want to be with you, or just toiling with your emotions. No doubt so many people experience these or more.

Such attitudes could be traumatizing, especially when you are at the receiving end. it hurts more if you are the type that shows a high level of commitment When in love. inconsistent partners are always self centered, they really don’t care about the feelings of whom they are dating, and seems not to put their interest at heart.

All they are interested is in doing that which leaves them with a level of satisfaction. sometimes, they do that deliberately just to manipulate you emotionally and boost their ego. Which in turns makes you so attached to them,like your world revolves around them.

While making them feel relevant. Inconsistent partners can equally turn one to a needy and desperate fellow. With their on and off attitude,you will always seek for closure every now and then.

They make you feel insecure always. Thus dragging your esteem to the mud. Inconsistent partners are a big turn off. Being with them can ruin your chances of meeting a potential soul mate.

Whatever is their reason for not taking your relationship serious, i think is high time you realize that you deserve better. Haven’t they disrespected you enough? Haven’t you had enough patient for them. You need to seek for ways to handle them, otherwise you will end up chasing shadows. Which has walked pass you a very long time.

Four ways to handle inconsistent partners.

dealing with inconsistent partners. 2


Communication is almost seen as the first step in solving any relationship or marital issues. You know why? you can’t take a decision, or know your partner’s intention for behaving in a certain way,or doing certain things without first giving them an audience.

Its aim is just to give them a benefit of doubt, before deciding on what next to do. Engage your partner in a relationship. Tell him/her how you feel about their attitude. Avoid being sentimental about it, or consider how they might feel.

Remember this is about you, you are the one feeling the hurts and pain. Tell them exactly the way you feel. Pour out your feelings, like you would have done if you were seeking an advise from a counselor. From there, you can decide on the further steps to take.

Be Realistic. Control your emotions.

dealing with inconsistent partners. 3
Dealing with inconsistent partners.

Don’t let your emotions overcloud your sense of reasoning. Your heart knows is not right for you to remain with an inconsistent partner,yet it wouldn’t want to let go. As a result of what you might feel for them. But your head knows that walking away is the right thing to do. Please follow the later to avoid future heart breaks and regrets.

Avoid being pushy.

After talking to them and Pouring out your feelings. The next thing is to begin to observe them and know if there would be changes. Being pushy or constant nagging can only make them give you false hope. They may decide to change for a day just to please you. and the next day, they are up again with attitudes. You will be doing your self a great favour, by allowing everything happen naturally. stop all the things you’ve been doing to make it work. If paradventure, things remains the same.

Please as hard as it may sound, allow the relationship to go down naturally. You wouldn’t want to remain in a relationship Where its survival relies solely on you. or would you?i guess No. If they had truly changed, you will see it in them, without having to repeat your complaint. you can also read interesting articles from same author/emotional-manipulation/.

Expect the worse.

When a partner suddenly starts putting up attitudes or being inconsistent. begin to prepare your mind for the worse. Don’t be too hopeful that they might change. The truth is that reverse might be the case.

Which will add up to your already heart ache. this attitude could be a sign that they want out, but lacks the gut to confront you about it. Instead they put up the attitude, hoping you read the message. in the case where they couldn’t come up with the break up news. You can decide to initiate it,if their attitude persists. for more useful information. You can check out this external sit://

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