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Does online dating actually works?

Does online dating actually works? 1
Does online dating actually works

Does online dating actually works, this is a question that raised so many controversies over the years. But let's find out .

Since the advent in technology, life had been made easier in various aspects, and dating seems to be one of the aspect.

Online dating is one of the effects and outcome of the recent growth in technology today . . It is no longer news that people get acquainted and connected to each other via social media. Some were fortunate to find their life partners, while others are still at the edge of finding their's. However, despite the prevalence rate of online dating.

A lot of people still doubt it's possibility and believes that such relationship is unhealthy. Now that brings us to the question, is does online date actually possible? There is absolutely nothing wrong with online dating. Meeting a potential date or spouse online, is nothing different with meeting them other places such as clubs or social events. However, it all depends on the approach used. below are several by which both can make it work. the question does online dating Arrange to meet each other.

arrange to meet each other .

Does online dating actually works? 2
Does online dating actually works?

At the mention of online date, so many people begins to picture a scenario where by two folks accepts to be each other's friend on social media even without meeting each other. Then begins to chat each other to the point of exchanging contacts with each other. Then all of a sudden, they became fond of each other as one or both parties began to develop feelings for the other. When they couldn't hide the feelings anymore. They came up with the decision of starting up a relationship even without knowing what their intended Date actually looks like. But unfortunately, this is not what an online date entails. It is other wise termed a "a blind date" .

A date can only be significant when two two intending couples have met each other physically. Otherwise it is not qualified to be a date.

A lot of people got attracted to their online date by their physical attribute such as height, facial beauty and so on. Such people may end up getting disappointed when they discover that the picture displayed is quite different from the individual .

And so in other to avoid such scenario and to answer the question "does online dating Actually works? it is advisable to arrange a convenient time to meet each other, in other to be sure they are truly your idea man/woman.

Choose a convenient venue .

Does online dating actually works? 3
Does online dating actually works

lot of people particulary women develops phobia whenever the issue of online dating comes up. As a reult of the bad experiences and misfortune some people went through in the course of meeting their online date. So many people had unknowingly fallen victims to rape, murder and ritual killings. . So in other no to be caught in such, is always advisable to apply caution. while dealing with an online date. Remember he/she is a stranger , you Choose a secured and open environment such as eartry, tourist centres and recreational parks . So as to feel secured. You may also like

Be Real

Remember this is your first date, you don't want to jeopardize or ruin your chances of winning their love . First impression they say matters a lot, the way you presents yourself speaks a about your personality. Do not fake a personality in the bid to get them accept your proposal. You maybe ruining your chances of being trusted in the future.

As trust is an essential factor and foundation of any successful relationship. Honesty is the key and one of the answer to the question "does online dating actually works?

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How do I improve my life?

How do I improve my life? 4
How do I improve my life?

Guess you've be wondering how you can improve your Life, then you are in the he right place. Read this.

And so you've finally started that business, skills, of your dream. After so much procrastination and deliberations And so the next stage is to begin to anticipate for a successful result as that is the dream of every entrepreneur. You've read the successful stories of various people who were into similar careers. It was their story that got you inspired to pursue your dreams. You hoped to achieve your own success. Inasmuch as that is the wish of everyone,but I would have to remain you that the journey may not be so smooth. You may encounter some challenges on your way. And if you ain't determined enough, it may lead to frustration which will can you make you quit or loose interest.
Let's look at some factors that might lead to frustration.


everybody wants to make it quick, everybody wants to be celebrated on popular social medias and renown sites. Everybody wants to drive that latest model, Cruise in that exquisite and well furnished apartment. But the question is, how many are willing to pay the price of success which includes being patient enough to watch it grow from the scratch? So many successful people started with little or zero capital, they were unrecognized for several years, despite their efforts and
commitments. Yet they kept pressing on and on, pushing harder amidst of pressures from friends and relatives who tried to discourage them to derail from their dreams because it ain'tyielding result.

Lack of creativity

Creativity brings out the best in any individual especially in a competitive field. Advancement in your field helps you stand out despite the saturation in that field. You can't achieve more, you can't be successful when you keep repeating what some other people are doing along side with their flaws and mistake. For you to excel more than your counterparts, you've got to bring in new ideas, new discoveries and new developments. Check out the world best successful men/women. They got to that stage because they never remained stagnant in what had been in existence. But rather they kept discovering more . The more they discover, the more their life became better.

Entertaining distractions

A lot of people have this passion to be successful but get easily distracted by certain things around their environment. It could be friends, addiction, relationship and habits. Your don't have to lead a boring life because you are aiming to be successful. However, there is every need to balance your life and the activities you engage in. In other to accomodate your ambitions. Don't be carried away by things that can't contribute to your growth . Do away with friends that doesn't have any positive impact in your life. Quit any habit that might be gradually ruining your ambitions.

Lack of discipline

You checked your time, is already 5am. You felt like going back to sleep , your eyes Were dim, and your bodies were weak. But you remembered you have a lot to attend to.

Your career, business or skill would be at risk if you succumb to that desire demanding you bounce back to bed. But rather, you got up and began preparing for the activities of the day. Now that is what I term "discipline" Discipline entails you restrict your self from certain pleasures in other to achieve your target. But unfortunately, so many people lack this, and that's why they can't succeed. They want to blow overnight but at the same time they ain't ready to pay the price, they ain't ready to sacrifice their sleep, memorable hang out with friends, chats on phone and so many others.


Practice they say makes perfect.but Is quite unfortunate that so many give up at the early stage of their pursuit, especially when the result ain't forth coming. Success doesn't often come overnight, it requires some period of dedication, commitment, hard work and consistency. When you do things often, there is every tendency that your will become perfect on it in no distant time. And when that happens, success automatically follows as people would began to applaud your efforts. Your business can only succeed when you are always at the shop daily and not weekly. You can only improve in your skills when you engage on it daily and not at your convenient time.


Are you into business, don't wait to become bankrupt or experience failure. before you start thinking of a new business ideas or strategy to adopt in other to improve in your business. It starts now. Don't get carried away by your success. Failure is equally inevitable. It could be at the door anticipating to strike, don't give it that chance by feeling relaxed.

In summary, if you are good, strive to become better, if you are better, strive to be the best. Don't feel relaxed at same level, when you have all it takes, to continue soaring higher.

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Why money does not sustain love

The wrong mindset about love

Why money does not sustain love 5
Money does not sustain love

I was one of such guys who believed that with wealth, affluence,fame and money. You can easily get any kind of lady succumb to your desire. Hence, to me there was no such thing as love… I met this pretty, gorgeous and charming princess on a wedding event. I got attracted to her beauty and couldn’t wait for the event to be over in other make advances to her. After the event, I approached and tried to woo her, at first she declined, just as usual with “women and their playing hard to get attitude”. However, she later accepted to give me her digit after a little persuasion. I became glad after all, as that seems to mark the beginning of a love history with this pretty damsel, Even though she was yet to accept my proposal. Days rolled into weeks and weeks into month and fortunately, she finally accepted to date me. I thought it was going to be a fling with no sentiment attached….but hell no!!! I was totally wrong as I find my self fallen head over heels in love with this babe… I gave her all the attention she needed, communicates with her on daily basis via calls, chats, and sensational text messages.supports her financially.of course, I made sure she never lacked anything. but amidst of all this, she never reciprocated my love.she picks my calls whenever she likes, she replies my chat whenever she deemed it necessary to And each time i complain, she insults and calls me ” a nag”. To me, she was my priority, while to her, i was only an option. Yet amidst of all this cruel attitude from her i wouldn’t let go because i was needy and already emotionally attached to her…more like an obsession. And you know the funny aspect? She only acts cool and caring towards me whenever she needs financial help from me which I never hesitate to grant her because i thought that with time, she would start considering reciprocating my love owing to the caring attitude I constantly bestowed upon her. Little did I know that she never loved me and would never do she was only using me to satisfy her selfish desire.

The bitter truth

I soon realized my mistakes and got back to my senses and vowed never to impress any Lady with money again.

Listen young man, is either she loves you or not. Stop trying to impress her with your money… True love can never be bought with money. If the only time she remembers you is when she needs something, then you will be saving your self a lot of heart ache and emotional trauma by getting out from such relationship.