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How low esteem ruins relationship



How low esteem ruins relationship

Do you know that low esteem ruins relationship so quick? Despite the effort and commitment of one or both couples to make the relationship thrive.

Low esteem is a very bad and unhealthy trait . it affects every aspect of life and relationship is not an exception. People with low esteem have a common trait. And that is ” Negative vibes”. They exhibit negativity in everything they do. They tend to give up easily and accept defeat quite often and this in turn affects their progression and supposed achievement in life.

Low esteem is one of the most proven cause of failure. If you don’t believe in yourself, if you don’t believe something can be ever  done or achieved by you,  how do you expect others to have confidence in you? You can’t give out what you don’t have. Here is a simple illustration. When an individual  volunteers him/ herself or willingly comes out to participate in a contest. He/ she is expected to have fans who will cheer him/ her up in the process.

Now the duty of those suppose fans is to support him/ her and boost whatever confidence he/ she already has in possession. The fans ain’t there to give you confidence, but to boost your confidence. That implies that there should be a presence of confidence in one before expecting to be cheered up or supported.

Similarly, low  esteem ruins a relationship, when one or both individual lacks  confidence, Love is reciprocal, and that includes self love. When you don’t love yourself, is usually difficult to get love from the  other person. This is the  Importance of self love in a relationship . A lot of persons might ask, what is the correlation of self esteem in a relationship?  How exactly does it affect or ruin a relationship? This is s good question. And that’s what we will be discussing right away.

How low esteem ruins relationship.

Fear and self stigmatization. 

One remarkable way by which low esteem ruins relationship is by imposing fear and self stigmatization to the victim.

Low esteem begat fear of uncertainty. This fear usually comes as a result of seeing or assuming oneself as not up to the standard of their significant other. Hence the fear of being rejected or dumped.

People with low esteem often have this habit of taking up the blame whenever there is misunderstanding in the relationship.

The rarely notice their own contribution towards the growth of the relationship.  And this negative trait is a great turn off to most folks.  No matter what, A handful of men and women admire a confident person.

A person who sees a great value in him/herself. When you have low esteem, you stand the chance of loosing your relationship to a more confident person.

Vulnerability to hurts, negligence  and domestic violence. 

When there is low esteem,  hurts and negligence may be inevitable.

A lot of individuals are being neglected and taken for granted because of the way they presented themselves to the one they are dating.

When you hold yourself in high esteem, people will have no choice than to follow suit . But when you present yourself as someone who’ve gat no value or respect, your values and worth will be dragged to the mold.

They will make it appear as though the relationship was a favor  to you. And that’s why you see most people loosing their sanity just because they are in a relationship.

The major contributing factor to this problem is “low esteem”. Self love begets respect from other source. This is why a lot of married folks are so stuck in an abusive relationship. The stereotyped personality they have about their partner makes them think they may never find another.

They place their partners in high esteem, while setting themselves low. And so will gladly take any form of treatment just to still have their presence in their life.


Insecurity  and neediness.

Another proven way by which low esteem ruins relationship is that it causes insecure feelings and neediness.

Low esteem imposes a certain kind of fear which leads to insecure feelings. When you don’t hold yourself in high esteem, you will often assume no one cares about you nor your feelings.

People with low esteem often get paranoid whenever they see their partner with any member of the opposite sex. They often create an imagination  or assumption that their partner is cheating on them with a better individual. They see everyone as a rival and so compare themselves a lot with other people who might be relating with their partner. And you the negative effect of insecurity and neediness? It ruins the trust in a relationship. With such low esteem, you may end up loosing or pushing your partner away.

Low esteem ruins relationship

How to overcome low esteem in a relationship.

Focus on your strength.

One of the reason why we have low esteem is because we tend to focus more on our weak point. We rate ourselves mostly with our weak point rather than our strength.

A lot of us forgot the fact that every individual has a weak point . and so we assume our’s is the worst. First begin by assuring yourself  that you are the best among your equals. Think more of your achievements than your  failures, focus more on your strength than your weakness. This will help you develop self esteem and not entertain any form of I’ll treatment from others.

Self love

Self comes just by loving oneself . do you know that that you can love yourself without any reason in particular. You can admire yourself every single day without any remarkable achievement.  Even as you rate yourself so low, can you deliberately hurt yourself or  allow someone else to do that? I guess no!!!

Then that implies that you still love yourself, despite your flaws. You still value yourself enough to be worthy of living despite your n non achievements, . Naturally, we all love ourselves,  despite our looks and qualities. We only need to extend that self love towards various aspects of our lives in order to boost our confidence and attract respect from others. You also need to read some Self love quotes To boost your confidence


Improve your standard.

Low esteem  relationship as a result of  self negligence. We may claim that love is the ultimate, yes no doubt about that. However, every man/ woman has a spec on the kind of person they want to spend the rest of their lives with. And it varies from individual to individual. We all are attracted to various forms of unique and admirable qualities.

This  is the more reason why you need to work and improve on yourself. Don’t relax in expectance that your dream man/ woman  will love you exactly the way you are. You have to embrace reality. Work on your dreams and vision, get a skill, be dedicated and committed towards it. Keep making your life better, this will help build your esteem and give you an edge over other rivals.

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