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a low key relationship or a secret affair.

A low key relationship or a secret affair
A low key relationship or a secret affair


A low key relationship or a secret affair. Ever wondered if your relationship falls into the former category or the later?  Relationship can be very tricky especially in this modern age where lies and deceit seems to be common.  And game playing  seems to be in vogue.

We all have the picture of our idea relationship created in our minds. We often fantasize about having a healthy relationship filled with trust, loyalty and commitment. This is very normal.  We all want a relationship where we would be woken  with a lovely and romantic text messages on daily basis.

But unfortunately, there is a thin line between imaginations and reality. Often times, our imaginations are borne out of fantasies especially when our minds are focused on some of the factious   stories as obtained from romantic movies  and other media. This is why we get paranoid when things are in contrary to our expectations.

But the question is, Are we ready to embrace reality? This is where the problem lies. The truth hurts a lot. We often love to hear our interest and desire without considering the fact that it could be lies or deceit.

Identifying if a relationship is a low key or a secret affair begins with embracing the reality. Being aware of the fact that some relationship are just an illusion  and based on selfish motives rather than mutual benefits. Whether we believe it or yes, some relationships are just a secret affair in disguise.

The challenge has always been on how to differentiate a low key relationship from a secret affair. This often cause  a lot of argument and misunderstanding  between couple. One may desire to have a relationship that moves in a very gradual and slow pace, while the other may require a relationship that moves in a  fast pace. Everything becoming obvious from the wooing stage to the the honeymoon phase. 

You know the usual display of  affections in public and media by taking selfies together.

introducing each other to  your  loved ones and  Using each other  as your display pictures in social media.

Some people believes that portraying such attitude depicts a very significant way of showing your love and appreciation for a spouse.  While to some, it is totally insignificant and doesn’t really matter. A handful of others also have the notion that one can still be doing all this, yet might not really love his/ her partner. Some couples often have  Constant argument over this.   


The one who doesn’t see it as an issue usually tries to assure and convince the other that  he/ she only wants to take things gradual, and  doesn’t matter if the relationship is publicized as long as they both love each other . But unfortunately, this is not usually easy to believe.  The assurance may not be enough to convince him/ her especially in this Era where people flirt a lot in the guise of  being in a relationship. And so the best way to settle this controversy is to identify the signs that a partner might want to take the relationship slowly or just want to flirt. Everyone desires to know if they are in a low key relationship or a secret affair.

A low key relationship or a secret affair

Ways to identify if you are in a low key relationship or a secret affair

subject of discussion/ communication.

One of the ways identify whether you are in a low key relationship or a secret affair is to take a keen observation on the kind of discussion you normally have with your partner.

There is a popular adage which goes thus, ” is not how far that maters, but how well”. The speed at which an athlete begins a race does not really matter, but arriving at the final destination. It can be quite confusing knowing who doesn’t want to publicize a relationship and who wants to keep his/ her relationship private probably because they might be cheating with random partners.

But the first way to identify is through communication. Someone who just want to flirt with you might not be patient enough to get every detailed information about you.

They may display you  on every social media while blocking the other, just to give you a false impression. Most times, their discussion is usually centered only on romance and sex. Such kind of people never hesitates to ask for nudes. On the contrary, someone who desires to have a low key relationship may not necessarily do any of the above, but their discussion with you will give you a green light into what they truly wants. Such discussion are usually reasonable and depicts a future with you.

Open invitation to his/ her abode.

Another great way to differentiate between  a low key relationship and  a secret affair is having a welcome invitation by your partner.

Someone might be flirting with you, doing every intimate thing with you. But when it comes to inviting you to his/ her place, it becomes an issue. Probably because they have a skeleton in their cupboard.

And when you inform them of your visit, they will always find an excuse to discourage you from coming. But when he/ she is really interested in you, but only wants to take things one step at a time. You will be given a welcome invitation.

Such invitation is mostly based on the fact that you will soon become a part of their future and so need of restricting you.

Watch out for unnecessary excuses on special days.

You may be wondering if you are in a low key relationship or a secret affair, then watch out for unnecessary excuses by your partner especially during your special days.

If they truly love you but wants to keep the relationship low key, they will never forget your special occasion because you are their priority. On the contrary, if there are rivals, they will rarely remember such dates. As there are much people demanding for their attention.

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