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How to maintain Emotional stability in a relationship


Emotional stability on a relationship
Emotional stability in a relationship


Maintaining Emotional stability in a relationship is one of the ways to get rid of Insecurity  and unnecessary tensions.

It is a healthy habit every individual needs to cultivate as it attracts respect and dignity. However, it is not always easy especially when one has built his/ her happiness around their relationships and partners. In such that a greater part of their life now revolves around the relationship.

Maintaining Emotional stability in a relationship requires a lot of discipline and self control.

So many folks can’t stop asking themselves this question . Why am i too emotional and sensitive?For instance, they get paranoid   at any slightest provocation, always worrying and being insecure as soon as they discover a change in their partner’s attitude. And many has testified that this negative trait Never proffers solution, but rather had made their partner become more cold and distance towards them.

This is because no matter the intensity of the feelings or love,  nobody likes to be suffocated. Every human  occasionally needs space to sort out some issues in their life. Hence they might request for it at one point or the other. It takes a disciplined and matured mind to respect such decision rather than start nagging the hell out of them.

It takes emotional stability not to blow your partner’s phone with excessive calls when they couldn’t pick their calls at the initial time. It takes emotional stability not to  constantly check your partner’s phone in suspicion. It takes emotional stability not to get paranoid if they hadn’t reach out to you. As human, we all have the need to express our love and be loved in return. While that might not really come as expected, but we always crave for that.

So many relationship has lost its spark because one or both partners were often emotionally unstable.

A relationship can only thrive well when both minds are stable, As it only takes a stable mind to build and plan together. That leads us to the question.  Why is emotional stability in a relationship vital? There are several reasons why people ought to be emotionally stable in a relationship. Let’s look at some of these reasons before going ahead to discussion on how to maintain Emotional stability in a relationship.

Emotional stability in a relationship

The importance of Emotional Stability in a relationship.

It enhances Trust 

Trust is one of the vital traits in a healthy relationship. It is so vital that one would do everything not to loose the trust of their partner.

This is the reason  why people who cheat are always careful not to get caught. There is this sense of fulfillment and self confidence that evolves in one, knowing that your partner or a close friend believes so much in you. They can entrust a lot into your hands because they don’t have any doubt about you.

But unfortunately, emotional instability can disrupt that. When you are always unnecessarily worked up, you might begin to doubt the sincerity in your partner, you might begin to get unnecessarily suspicious. And that will lead you into imagining things  which might not be in existence. No one gets excited on discovering that they are not trusted. Such can lead to loosing a lovely partner or relationship.

There will be less worries and anxiety

A stable mind is a peaceful mind, and a peaceful mind creates a good atmosphere for positive thoughts.

When your mind is emotional stable towards your partner, you will often feel free to explore life. Worries can interfere  with your activities in life including your career. I’ve heard a lot of folks complained that they couldn’t concentrate on their work because they are worried about their relationship. Such worries can lead to loosing of one’s job and career.

You can handle critical situations in your relationship

When your mind is emotionally stable, you may find it difficult  to handle some difficult situations in your relationship.

Emotional instability can lead to irrational decisions. Here is an illustration. You caught your hubby in the act of cheating. At that moment, your heart is so devastated and your emotions so intense.

You really want to calm down and  think of possible ways to sort situations, but your emotions just want to get fierce because you are agitated at that moment.  Rather than act maturely and overlook things till you both gets home, you will get aggressive and might be pushed to create s scene  thereby causing embarrassment to yourself  and equally worsening the situation.

Emotional stability helps to get your mind relaxed in certain situations while thinking of possible ways to address it later.

You are in control of your self and emotion.

emotional stabilitygives you a sense of confidence, knowing that no matter what you might be passing through in your relationship or in the hands of your partner, you are still strong and not weighed down by such. It boosts one’s esteem.

With such confidence, you will easily realize that no one ought to be responsible for your happiness except You. It will guide your sanity even when you are beginning to receive a mixed signal from your partner indicating that they might be loosing interest in you .

How can you maintain Emotional stability in a relationship?

 Get rid of your  past escapades

It would have been more  easier to say  “build your trust with your  partner, but then you can’t build trust  someone when you still have your past experience hunting you. Trust issues might sometimes occur as a result of an ugly past experience. Perhaps,,your ex might have betrayed your trust and so you’ve vowed never to trust again. Such mindset can always lead to emotional instability and insecurity. You must first get rid of your past. Eliminate that phobia that everyone would betray your trust just like your Ex.

Avoid too much expectations

Emotional stability in a relationship can be achieved by not being too expectant. View relationship like life experiences.

In life, anything is bound to happen. The only constant thing in life is change. Your expectation does not determine what happens. No matter what we expect or the  plans we make  in our lives, fate has the capability of destroying those plans in just few seconds.

Similarly in relationship, expect nothing to remain permanent. Your once loving partner today might  become weird tomorrow. When you learn not to be too expectant, you can easily handle any issues in your relationship without being unnecessarily worked up.

Learn how to control your temperament .

Another vital way to maintain emotional stability in a relationship is to learn how to control your temperament . Certainly, some situations in your relationship might make you hurt or betrayed.

Often times, you will feel agitated, sad and furious with your partner’s attitude that you will  be pushed to nag , yell at them or do something wired.

However, you have to learn how to maintain calmness in certain circumstances. As that will always keep you in charge of your emotions .








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