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Long engagement a good or bad idea? ?

Long engagement

Long engagement a good or bad idea?  How long is too long to be engaged  with the one i intend to spend the rest of my life with?

How long should I wear  an engagement ring? Would wearing an engagement ring drive other potential suitors away?

Would it ruin my chances of getting proposal from someone who might also be interested   assuming I end up being disappointed by my fiancee.  These and more are often the questions a lot of women ask on daily basis.

Engagement is one of the crucial moment in every woman’s  life, it is a period often anticipated for by all. That excitement that comes with having him finally pop the question after several years of waiting and dating .

But at the same time,  it can be a sensitive period for women who are at a marriageable age.    this is because wearing an engagement does not guarantee marriage.  Being engaged does does not out rightly indicates marriage.

Most women are often skeptical to continue a  relationship especially when the engagement is becoming too long without being certain of when it would finally become official.

Some women see long engagement  as a cunning and the most subtle way to tie a lady down and prevent her from meeting other potential suitors who might want to make things official without any hesitation.

Thus the reason why many despise the idea wearing an engagement ring.  To most,  it is a modern day slavery.  No woman wants to be tied down for too long all in the name of engagement,  without having a clue of when the actual marriage will take place.  Hence the reason to be skeptical and scared.

Then how long is too long to be engaged?


Before we get into the question properly, let’s talk about engagement and it’s main objective 

Engagement is an official way of letting your significant other know about your intentions to tie the nuptial vow with them.  In other words, it is the most significant form of commitment in a relationship.

At this stage of the relationship, both couples are expected to show deep level of Commitment as things are gradually beginning to take a different shape.

engagement is an indirect of saying  “keep off” we are set to be couples soon.  And so before engagement takes place,  both couples ought to be sure they are ready to tie the knot within a short period of time.  As a man Before putting that engagement ring on her finger,  you ought to be sure of your readiness in all aspect.  Both financially and otherwise.  Engagement ought to be the climax of a dating process.

But unfortunately, a lot of people misinterpret the word “engagement” a lot today.  Most guys use that as means to secure the love of a lady in other to keep her away from other guys even when is obvious that  his future with her  is  not certain .

While some others guys use that as a means to lure the gullible ones who would gladly jump in excitement as soon as they hear the word “marriage”. Without considering if it is genuine,  till they have gotten what they wanted and so they end up being discarded like a waste.

Just like Long courtship, Long engagement is not a guarantee  that a marriage would definitely become a reality.  Hence the reason why engagement shouldn’t be too long.

A typical and true engagement ought not to exceed a year at most.  I would have said six months,  but considering the fact that marriage requires a lot of preparation.

One might need to get him/her self prepared in all aspects,  especially as it regards to finance.

However,  I really see no point engaging a woman when you know you ain’t financially  ready to marry her any time soon.

Engagement literally means “I am ready to get married anytime soon.  It sounds awkward for two individuals who probably had no source of living yet to engage each other.  Engagement is quite different from dating,  and so has to be done at the right timing to avoid unnecessary long engagement.

Reasons why people  ought to stay away from long engagement .

Long engagement  Gives the wrong impression to your partner

As a man engaging a woman for so long without any plans to get married might give her the wrong impression about you, when the delay is becoming so intense,  she might assume you are toiling with her emotions or probably came to deceive, even though your intention might be genuine.

Hence she might begin to  loose interest soon. Rather than engage her when you know you ain’t ready.  Open up to her, ask  her to exercise patience with you for some time.

With that,  you’ve given her an assurance,  she is no longer left in  a confused state of mind.   Is then up to her to make the decision either  to wait or opt out.   But one thing is certain, despite her decision,   she will really appreciate you  for being honest and transparent to her.

With long long courtship, Disappointment is inevitable

Women are always at the receiving end ,  when it comes to an  engagement which eventually didn’t turn out well.

They become victims of hurt,  emotional trauma  which might  affects them psychologically.

That’s why you  see  some women finding it difficult to accept a serious date/suitor  probably because of the   disappointment they had in the necessary you take precaution when an engagement is becoming longer than necessary.

No one says you should begin to cheat on your partner or leave your relationship because of your assumptions or fear of the unknown.  But don’t get relaxed, because they proposed.

Remember engagement is not marriage yet. Officially you are still single till he walks you to the alter.  So in that case,  your options still ought to be open while praying and hoping it works out.








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