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Is this A fling or a relationship?


A fling or a relationship?
Is this a fling or a relationship?

A fling or a relationship?are-you-a-fling or something more serious in their life?   One of the usually asked questions by many particularly women on regular basis. Is quite difficult to differentiate between a fling and a real relationship as we are in the age where deceit and lies has became a norm.

Is quite difficult to  predict who really wants something serious other than flings.  As everyone wants to appear responsible in other to catch their prey.

However, there are still some features exhibited by both categories  which makes a lot of difference between both possessing them. But the question is do you usually pay attention to these features or do you get carried away by the period of flings usually accompanied with lust. Before we explain several ways to determine whether it is a fling or a relationship, let’s first look at some reasons why most people fall victims to such scenario especially when they desire a serious relationship.


Why  most people  usually find it difficult to determine if it  is a fling or a relationship?

Ignorance of their desire

A lot of women had fallen victims to lies  and deceit simply because they really don’t know what they want. Most desire to have a serious relationship but at the same time they are skeptical of their desire. When you ask them to describe the qualities of  their ideal man.

You will hear several nice qualities like I need a God fearing man,must be responsible, must be loyal, humble and honest. To mention but a few. But when a man  with such features shows up, they are usually blind to discover. Rather they go for men who are so gifted with sugar coated tongues and skills to lure a woman to bed.

Such men usually appears so classic. Their looks are so appearing and glaring,  Their composure are so enticing, while their dictions and phonetics appears so inviting. Such sight is so tempting and difficult to ignore. For some women, they can’t ignore men with such qualities. Hence they go for their fantasies rather than the reality they once desired.  And unfortunately,  they might end up with a man who just want a fling rather than a serious relationship.

Lack of self control

A fling or a relationship? Lack of self control is another vital reason why most folks often finds it difficult to differentiate between both.

People who lack self control easily succumb to their sexual desires and urge. One of their major preferences in a life partner might be responsibility,  They might desire to have a Committed and serious relationship,but as soon as they discover the sexual prowess in someone who might just want a fling, they will succumb.


A fling or a relationship? Indecision tops the reason to why some individuals gets lured easily by flings. Individuals who are indecisive in nature lacks the self will and courage to  reject any  act which is contrary to their value or principle.

Such people rarely have values. They don’t know what they really want or tend to achieve in a relationship, so they opt for whatever that is being presented to them, which might end up being a fling.

A fling or a relationship?

How to determine if is a fling or a relationship?

Always Pay  attention to their conversation with you?

Did you just get into a new relationship or  intimate friendship? And  you might be wondering if their intention in the relationship is similar with yours? Or probably,you’ve been played  in the past, and you are scared of falling  victims again?

Then this is the time to love with caution and not with emotions. What kind of conversation does he/she discuss with you? Are they interested in your interest or welfare? Or is it all about romance and sex?

Most folks who just desires to have a fling with you will usually demand  for your nude pictures, or to have an erotic or sexual chat with you. Because all they desire is a momentarily pressure and not a future.


They are scared of the future

Have you ever tried discussing about your future with them or what fate really holds for you both, but unfortunately, anytime you bring up such conversation, they usually find a way to deviate from the topic.

There is a every tendency  that you might dealing with someone who just wants a fling from you. This is one of the reliable ways to Spot a player.

They know there is no future, so rather than being honest and loosing the sexual escapade they often get from you, they scare away from such discussions.

They cheat without remorse

Someone who truly wants you for a serious relationship would never cheat on you, and even if he/she does that for whatever reason, they would try as much as possible to give you that respect by concealing it while resolving not to do that again or in a case where you caught them in the act, they will  sincerely apologize.

On the contrary, the one who just wants a flings never feels  remorseful because they feel that they have nothing to loose at the end.

Lots of words but zero actions

A fling or a relationship? Another vital way to determine is by their rate of speech and actions.

When is just a fling, their lips are usually  sugar coated, they will make a lot of vain promises without fulfilling any. They are filled with so many words without any  actions to back it up .such words are usually a means to get their prey.






















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