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Is there any relationship between love and materialism


Love and materialism
Love and materialism

Love and Materialism had always been the bone of contention in most relationship.  It is one of the controversial topics/issues often deliberated about,  and discussed in most seminars,  social gatherings,  events,  social media platforms and the rest. It has also proven to be one of the causes of misunderstanding and break up’s in relationships.

A lot of people have different mindset and opinion on love and materialism as regards to relationship. Some folks strongly believes that money spices up a relationship.  And that when money is not involved,  the relationship unarguably becomes boring and uninteresting.  Some other believes that without money,  loves does not exist  as  money is synonyms to care and affection.  To such people,  lack of money depicts lack of care and affection.

On the contrary,  there are still people in opposition to the statement.  There are people who still believes that Love can never be substituted with anything,  In spite of its relevance.  Such people believes that love dominates all and overlooks every other shortcomings and Incapability including financial incapability.

With this deliberations and different views,  now the question is,  is there any correlation between love and materialism?

Can love really exist without money? Is there such thing as love or is it a mere “illusion”. Does money and other material things really add spice to a relationship? Before we answer these questions, we first have to find out the relevance of money, the true definition of love,  and why most people believes that materialism makes love stronger and active.


The Relevance of money in our society.

Money undoubtedly solves a lot of problems.  Its importance cannot be overemphasized.  It is not a source of happiness and comfort.  But it contributes majorly to it.  Money they saw answers all.  This might not really be true. It is an exaggerated way  to describe the importance of money to human needs and desire.

In most scenarios,  money brings about comfort and luxury but not really contentment.  (I will still explain the contentment part as we go on).

When one has everything that makes life comfortable, there is every tendency that happiness will follows suit. And hence the belief and misconception that money answers  all.

The true definition of love.

Every individual has their own way of defining love.  To some it is just a feelings, while to others it means more than a feeling.

Now have you ever liked someone or developed feeling for someone without having any reason behind the likeness.

You can’t really explain why you cherish them so much.  You keep wondering what you saw special in them that ignited your likeness toward them.  Yet you can’t really say.

The more you ponder,  the more your likeness for them grew.  You just can’t stop loving them despite their weakness and flaws.  Now this is what I term “love”.

Other things might contribute to it,  but the basics implies loving without any reason.  Now if that is the case,  why do some  people often doubt the existence of love in the absence of materialism?  This takes us to our next discussion which is why most people believes that materialism makes love stronger and active.

Why most folks believes that  materialism is essential in Relationships and love.

1. Misconception about love, care and affection. 

From the definition we gave about love,  it is a natural feeling occurring often times without any specific reason.

However,  most people have their own definition of love care and affection as going out on  dates, going on vacations,   getting each other an expensive gifts, calling each other excessively.  And now when all these seems absent as a result of financial incapability ,  one or both parties might begin to feel bored or conclude that their significant other does not love nor care about them.

The pressure and desire associated with this mindset becomes intense when they watch a romantic movie portraying such display of affection or see their friends being given a special treat which often leads to comparison.  Now with such comparison,  nothing ever gets to change their mind.


This is why most  guys Often finds it difficult to handle a  Materialistic woman.  Because to them, love is all about spending regardless of how financially fit their partner is.

2. The state of the mind when broke

A hungry man they say is an angry man.  Similarly,  a broke man is an unhappy man.  Some people becomes disorganized,  frustrated and depressed when they are broke.  In such state,  love becomes the last thing on their mind.

Most people who find themselves in such state hardly thinks about love nor emotions.  To them,  they believe that they can’t express love to another when they ain’t even in love with themselves as a result of their condition.  And with such unhappiness and frustration,  trust me,  they can never thrive well in a relationship.  Even when a woman tries to prove them wrong by accepting them despite their condition.well, you wouldn’t blame them either because no one loves rightly with a shattered and broken mind.

Such people strongly believes that love and materialism has a very strong connections.

Is there any correlation between love and materialism?

Love answers all but not contentment

Just like I mentioned earlier and promised to explain the word “contentment as regards to love and relationship.  Money might solve a varieties of problem,  but does not give contentment.  “now the word “contentment”. here implies being satisfied in all areas of life.  Human beings are insatiable,  and so no amount of money really gets one satisfied.  As long as  love is concerned.  (I mean true love and not flings or friends with benefit).  Money or any materialism can never bring contentment.

In true love, love and materialism might not really correlate because  physical needs is as important needs.  There is equally a need to satisfy the emotional need.

There are lots of people who have everything at their beck and call,  their physical need had been taken care of by their partners,  but they constantly yearn for emotional needs on daily basis.  The luxury is there,  they live a very comfortable life as regards to materialism. but they are unhappy because their partners are often not around them to give them emotional support and companionship.

This issue had led so many couples to. Infidelity and  marriages to Divorce  .   Cheating is so common and prevalent this days even when couples are together   let alone when they are emotionally apart.  So many people had resorted to the saying when the desirable  becomes unavailable,  the unavailable becomes desirable.









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