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Common relationship challenges and how to overcome them.

Overcoming relationship challenges

Relationship challenges,  what are they and how can they be curbed?

relationship  challenges are those common problems associated with most relationships,  a times it ignites a great fear in people’s heart and scares them away from fallen in love to the one they have soft spot for.  Just like every other issues in life,  relationship has its own challenges.

Ever heard of people say that they are scared of fallen in love?  this could be as a result of their bad experiences in the past.  having a Healthy relationship requires a great effort and work.  This is because you are dealing with another individual with a different opinion and mindset as you,  who also sees thing in a different perspective.  So with that you are likely to have a period of misunderstanding,, arguments and breaking apart.


There a times where issues becomes so intense that you will see yourself struggling to keep the relationship going.

And the worse scenario is when the effort is just from you alone.  No wonder some people tag “relationship” as a full time work.  While some people who are so focused with their work or career sees it as a source of distraction.

Similarly, some   people who have experienced  several heart break in the past might deserve to take a break in other to heal from their past relationship and most importantly prepare their minds for the next relationship.

These all summarizes the fact that keeping a relationship is a great work hence the challenges that comes with it.

Some common relationship challenges

relationship challenges and how to solve it


Infidelity is one of the greatest challenge in relationship. This problem is the most common reason why a lot of folks develops a cold feet at the mention of the word “relationship”.

It is the common reason why most folks had vowed never to fall in love again.  It is the reason why many still believes that Love is an illusion.  You often hear hate/bitter statements like All men or women are scum.  The fear of infidelity can make one give up on relationship so quickly without realizing that they are few miles away in meeting their rightful partner.

They might give up just the moment they are about to meet a truth and honest person.

The Ex challenge

Being in a relationship with someone who still have some left over feelings for his/her Ex can be so hurting.

And one of the worst case is being led on only to discover  that your were used for a  Rebound. It could be so daunting especially when you are committed with them.

The past

It is said that sometimes, the past could have a correlation with the present.

This is somehow true as there are people who still harbor the hurt, emotional trauma and heartbreaks they experienced in their previous relationship thereby hurting their present partner and making the relationship inconvenient for them.

Such people are so engulfed With their past that nothing seems to excite them.  Even when their partner tries to convince them that they are different.

The signs of love and affection means nothing to them. Such people find it difficult to trust their partners as a result of fear.

EGO and insecure feelings- this is another great relationship challenges that often  scares people away from fallen in love or makes them insecure when they are  in love.

Imagine dating someone who feels is absurd apologizing to you when they have erred or annoyed you.  It could be so daunting.

Also imagine dating someone who doesn’t check up on you except you does.  Such feelings can leave one with the feelings of insecurity.

Everyone desires to have a friend as a partner and not a boss,  a confidant and not a military personnel.

How to overcome Relationship challenges

Focus more  on the personality and not the feeling  

Many a times,  we pay more attention to our feelings than the real personality of the one we are about to date.  And that’s where the problem usually begins.  You might end up with someone whose character is contrary to your expectation.

While fallen in love,  we have to be realistic,  even though the feelings might be intense.  But we have to realize the fact that emotions and feelings might fade away so soon.  But what actually keeps a relationship is the understanding and compatibility.

Have an Effective communication

you don’t have to give up on love and relationship because of the challenges you assumed is associated with .

Sometimes communication does and handles a lot.   Is absurd to assume that your partner often knows when they’ve hurt you.

As we differ individually,, so as our emotions.  Not every person is sensitive to pay attention to your emotions.  Sometimes it isn’t a deliberate act just that they were not made that way.  the best thing is to talk to them first before drawing your conclusions.

Always Prepare your mind

Life itself comes with its own challenge,  and the best way to overcome is to always get your mind ready.

And how can you do that?  stop being overly expectant, stop being too jealous and insecure,  trust me these are the things that makes it more difficult.

The more  insecure you are,  the more little things gets you paranoid. The more expectant you are,  the greater the chances of increasing the likelihood of being hurt.  Treat the relationship gradually and assure yourself that if it works out,  fine!!  And if it doesn’t still fine.  don’t act like your whole life depends on it. In that way you can always move on when relationship challenges like break up strikes

Define a relationship

Defining a relationship does one vital thing, and that is to help you know the purpose of what you are really getting into and what to make out of it..

Relationship challenges often get to us as a result of starting a relationship without any direction.  You don’t know if you stand a chance with him/her in the future or you both are just mere flings.  Defining a relationship would help reduce the chances of being hurt.

Knowing that no one is perfect. 

just because your ex jilted you does not mean every other person’s would do the same.  however,  you still have to know that no perfect individual exists.  If you are looking for a perfect relationship, am very sorry to disappoint  you, you  may not find any. Every relationship at one point or the other undergoes challenges.   Is all about knowing what you want and going for it irrespective of some defects in it.



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