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Coping with marriage pressure

Coping with marriage pressure
Coping with marriage pressure

Marriage  pressure is becoming a norm in our society today. And this is one of the leading course of divorce . People fall victims to wrong marriages and partners on daily basis, as a result of unreadiness, rushing into marriage due to family and societal pressures.

Marriage pressure could be daunting especially when is coming from close ones . You feel rejected and traumatized because the people who ought to encourage you turned out to be the ones mounting pressures on you. 

Women are affected mostly in this scenario especially in the part of the world where marriage is seen as one of the greatest achievement.  You feel like your world is crashing right before you . Sometimes,  the pressure becomes so intense that one begins to loose the freedom he/she has at home or around his/her colleagues.

I know of several women who moved out of their ward’s home not necessarily because they are ready to move out,  but because the pressure was becoming unbearable that they were beginning to lack concentration.  Life became unbearable, with this,  they had no choice than to seek for alternatives. 

Before we discuss about several ways to cope with marriage pressures.  Let’s look at some of its effects to the victims. 

Effects of marriage pressure. 

It can lead to marital differences 

A lot of marriage has crashed because one or both couples got married as a result of pressure.  A lot of people especially women rush into marriage just to get away  from pressures at home, and in the bid to get away from pressures,  they unfortunately ended up with someone they ain’t compatible with.

it leads to  low self esteem and  inferiority complex

Inferiority complex is one of the effects of marriage pressures.

Singles who are pressurized to get married at some point in their life may begin to feel inferior especially when they are in the midst of their married colleagues.

With the consistent pressure from the family,  society and social media,  they might begin to think less of themselves or start having the assumption that they are failures as a result of their marital pressures.

it leads to Depression

It has recently been discovered that one of the leading cause of Depression   among women is marriage pressure. This depression has led a lot to their early grave.

At a point in their life, they might begin to see life not worth living any longer as a result of intense pressure around them.  At that point,  nothing seems to interest them any longer.  This is when they will start having their minds piled up with negative thoughts.  Hence the suicidal attempts.

Making wrong decisions

Marriage is a life time commitment, thus one needs to apply caution before making a decision.

But unfortunately, when there is pressure to get married,   one might be tempted to succumb to that pressure,  thus making a drastic decision which might end up in life time misery.

How to cope with marriage pressure.

Get busy with other activities.

Don not let the pressures around you limit you.  Do not let the family and societal pressures of marriage pause other vital activities in your life. One of

The greatest mistake to make in life is to get worked up with the fact that you ain’t married yet to the point of loosing focus and concentration in your work place  career or academic pursuit. Marriage is just an aspect of your life,  which you must not allow to interfere with other aspects.  I understand that pressure can be hurtful.

However,  worrying or putting your life in a pause wouldn’t proffer a solution either.  You don’t have to loose all just because one aspect of your life is yet to be fixed. An idle mind they say is the devil’s workshop and this where negative thoughts such as suicide often originates  from.    Get your mind busy while waiting for the right one, have fun and hang out with people who shares the same interest with you,  with that you wouldn’t even notice the pressure.

Avoid isolation. 

Isolation is what often leads to Depression and negative thoughts. When you discover you are getting depressed,  try as much as possible to avoid loneliness.  Go out to seminars, workshop’s, engage in religious activities where you will  get so many inspiring and motivational words which will help to enlighten your of the advantages of attending social activities is that from meeting other people and hearing their experiences,  you will observe that you ain’t alone in that situation, you will also discover that there are whole lots of people you are much better than,  this will help to get your mind relaxed.

Talk to someone

When the pressure had becomes so intense that you are beginning to loose your mind,  I will advise you to talk to someone to get your mind relieved.  Don’t bottle it up.  confide in someone you trust,  if possible a relationship or marriage counselors and any other psychologist around you.  but make sure you ain’t concealing  the feelings.

Move out from the pressure scene/abode

Rather than have this pressure interfere with your work, career, business or whatever you do for a living,  I will advise you to relocate to another apartment if you have the means.    assuming the pressure is from your family.  If the pressure is from your peer group or friends,  the best is to disassociate yourself from them,  so you can easily concentrate.



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