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Sex on the first date, a positive or negative effects?


Sex on the first date
Sex on the first date.


Sex on the first date had become one of the most controversial issues as regards to relationship. A lot of people are in the notion that having sex on the first date denotes lust or infatuation and equally alters the future of the relationship. While others believes  that sex create emotional connection.

This controversies about having sex on the first date is greatly felt among women. Because they are often at the receiving end.

One of the reason is this, men attach little or no value to sex. Most men have sex just to satisfy their sexual urge and libido.

On the contrary, women especially does who are committed to their relationship and partners attach so much emotions and importance to sex.

A woman deeply in love does not just have sex to get relieved from sexual urge and libido. But she does it with the purpose of having more connections, attachments and bonds with her partner.

Though revise might be the case. And when that happens, the woman usually feels used and betrayed. This is why the topic is greatly deliberated on among women.

Most times, sex on the first date is not planned by both parties. Some occurs in the course of the euphoria or chemistry that begins to exist between the two parties in the course of being in  each other’s company. However, what we are yet to understand is if that chemistry or feelings is really love or infatuation. Most women  narrated on how the supposed relationship became Imaginary as soon as sex  was introduced on the very first meeting.

And the euphoria and excitement they thought existed vanished into thin air. Everyone has different opinions as regards to having sex on the  first date. But before we deliberate on whether it has a positive or negative impacts on the relationship. Let’s discuss some facts about it.

Sex on the first date
Sex on the first date

Some facts about sex on the first date.


Not intentional all the time

Just like was earlier explained, most sex on a first date never happens intentionally or planned by both parties .Sometimes it occurs during a sensitive discussion.

One thing usually leads to another, and before you say jerk, it had already happened.

But the question is what happens next? Would it create an atmosphere for commencing a lasting relationship or would it just be seen as fun? The answer to these question lies on both parties. If there is a mutual feelings, it might progress to a relationship, but if reverse is the case, then it might turn out to be  nothing but a fun .

One party usually gets hurt after the act

Sex on the first date might leave some people with a broken heart if their expectations after the act never turns to reality. It leaves them with a broken and devastated heart.

There are people who might not have feelings at first, but as soon sex occurs, their feelings begins to develop. Such people are the victims of the described scenario. After the act, they  might begin to crave for a serious relationship and commitment, and if  that doesn’t happen, they will be heartbroken.

Depends on the mutual  interest of both parties

You wonder why some gets dumped after having sex on a first date, while others are just fortunate to have everything fall in places despite having sex on the first date?the reason is simple.

There was no mutual interest or intention. You can’t force people to love you or be in a  relationship with you . if he has  no interest or plan with you in the first place, he will never  proceed to have a relationship with you. Irrespective of  the mutual and explicit love making you both shared.this is why  it  may work for some people, and may not work for some  others.

It might just be a fling

Not every first date is meant for a serious relationship. Some are just for fun or to alleviate boredom. In such scenario, expecting a serious relationship after that might be suicidal as the outcome usually turns out to be hurting and heartbreaking.this is why most women are advised never to be in a haste to give in to sex on a first date.

Sex on the first date. A positive or negative effect to the relationship?

is first-date-sex a relationship killer?Some people strongly believes that whatever happens on a first date does not really matter as long as both has mutual feelings for each other. However, this might not be true in all cases as there are few exceptions to that.

Imagine neglecting the foundation of a building, commencing a building project with inferior materials and unskilled laborers . What do you think would become the fate of such building?

No matter our views and perceptions as regards to sex and first date, the foundation of every relationship really matters a lot. It is what will determine the fate and tendency of the relationship surviving through turbulent and challenging times. If the relationship commenced as a result of the excitement that emerged from having sex on the first date, the spark will wear off as soon as such excitement becomes minimal. But if the relationship happened for a tangible reason beside sexual feelings, , the spark will continue to ignite despite every challenges.




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